Lena and Igan went ahead towards the South Gate while Sklooh stayed behind to take Eggsy in the cart. Sklooh was intercepted by Zacchaeus and comrade who had approached on horseback. In what swiftly became one of the funniest exchanges in the adventure, and a daring escape attempt, Sklooh, too, was subdued and captured.

At the South Gate, Igan and Lena met up with almost the full force of the remaining town guards. Lena took her book back, and the six of them discussed their intentions. Kahymen and Enkil departed to spread the word about an exodus from town; Igan, Lena, Gruff, and Jacopo went on a mission to rescue Egg-spiker and Sklooh. Once they arrived at the center of town, it was discovered that Zacchaeus was waiting for them, but the other party members were not with him. Igan approached, attempting (horribly) to bluff his way out of the situation--Sklooh and Eggsy were hostages, and any false moves would result in their deaths. Igan had no choice but to submit and resign himself to capture.

Fortunately, though, Raphael located the hidden party members, and Lena went expeditiously to their aid. One magic spell later and the Disarcanite responsible for guarding their bodies was fast asleep. With that, the tables had turned and Zacchaeus was dealt with. Permanently. They had to be quick, however, because the last remaining Disarcanite would soon awaken. Awaken, he did, and within moments he had the entire party helplessly in his grasp. Raphael retreated with Lena's spell book in tow.

The party came to one at a time and assessed their dire situation. All of them were bound in chains and metal fetters. The lone Disarcanite was apparently taking them all (Gruff and Jacopo included) back to Vardan territory. Lena had only one option. Using a spell, she freed herself of her bonds, and gambled on a frontal assault with the groggy captor. It paid off. His wounds from the previous fights were too great to be overcome and he was dispatched immediately.

Our heroes were all liberated and revitalized to some extent. Only then did they all realize that there was tent near the campsite. The tent seem to contain the utterly inebriated, sleeping bodies of both Kell and the Peg-legged man. The opportunity was seized and revenge was enacted; the drunkards met a bad end.

The adventurers bed down for the night and took a rest long overdue ...


Session #8: When Plans Go Awry

Our party, surrounded by Disarcanites, surrenders their belongings, weapons, and armor. All except Lena, who mysteriously kept her spell book from being detected. Meanwhile, Sklooh was contriving a devious plan. With the assistance of Kahymen and Enkil, the lizard man planned to deceive the Disarcanites by hiding under garbage and refuse on a push cart brought near the action.

Once in position, the odd behavior of Lena prompted suspicion on the part of the inquisitors. After nearly being stabbed, they ordered the cart dumped onto the intersection. With some quick thinking, feats of strength, and astounding luck, Sklooh managed to avoid detection once the cart was upright and the rubbish was being searched. Some silent communication brought about another plan to fruition. Lena and Kahymen successfully convinced the Disarcanites that Sklooh was last seen in the market square, so Zacchaeus left to investigate.

Unfortunately, Sklooh was detected a few moments later and all Hell broke loose. One of the men went to alert Zacchaeus, leaving the other two in a head-on combat with the party and the town militia men (without armor or weapons, for the most part). Khaymen and Enkil almost immediately withdrew from combat in order to deceptively conceal and ferry Lena's spell book. In our hero's weakened state, it was a close fight, and Egg-spiker was brought to his knees, unconscious. In a gallant display, the two adversaries were eventually felled. However, the troupe knew that they didn't have long to escape.