Session #7: To Close for Comfort

Following much scuttling in the night, the adventurers awoke to clear the house. They opened the door to the bedroom and took an aggressive stance around the rug. No sooner had all of them made deadly strikes against the Mimic, than the hallway door revealed itself to be one of the dastardly shape-changers as well. The party panicked as the realized they were up against more than they had bargained for, and Lena was swiftly felled by the ambush tactics. Igan rushed to his daughter's aid as swiftly as possible and pulled her from the maw of the creature, healing her back to consciousness.

As they sat, exhausted in the ruined house, Sklooh came to. With that, they all decided to return to Argatha--Igan in tow, critically wounded, carried by the single minded Sklooh.

Jacopo met them at the edge of the wood, and he with Egg-spiker went in search of Gruff for help, while the remainder carried the fallen comrade to the Lazy Horse. Upon entering, they were welcomed by Sharon and also the notorious businessman, Shane. Sharon's bed was quickly made available for Igan, and all sought to help him recover. In the helter-skelter, Shane stood by and watched the goings-on with earnest.

After all had arrived and treated Igan's condition, the fallen warrior finally regained consciousness. Quick explanations were given, along with some scolding, but ultimately this situation had been dealt with.

The battle raged, and ended in the death of one creature and the retreat of the other--upstairs. After a moment of respite, the group ascended the staircase and examined the upper-floor. A single room. Igan opened the door and revealed a dusty storage area filled with old, antique furniture draped in white cloths. Perhaps thinking that one or two Mimics had concealed themselves among the other furniture, Igan picked a fight with the coat-rack only to discover that each and every piece of the dozens of items in this room were Mimics lying in wait.

All decided that it was prudent to retreat and fall back on their usual recourse of burning anything that proves too challenging for them to handle with combat. Easier said than done. With the army of shape-changers closing in, it was only a matter of time before both Igan and Sklooh were defeated as they made their way toward the exit. With the pack approaching, the Lena set fire to the wooden house, hoping to frighten away the creatures. The situation became more dire as Lena and Eggsy found themselves struggling to save their family from both an onslaught of carnivorous creatures and a torrent of spreading flame. The trouble was Egg-spiker and Lena were too feeble and Sklooh and Igan too heavy to make much headway.

With some clever illusion magic and stalling tactics, the creatures were kept at bay long enough for the fire to act as a buffer between the creatures, now retreating, and the party. Not for long, however. According to Raphael, they were circling the house for their meal. In a last ditch effort, Lena and Eggsy returned to the inferno and with some daring magic-work, managed to stave off the flames from within the burning building as the Mimics retreated back to the woods.

Talking about YOU Igan


Shane, seeing that the adventure had reached a conclusion, announced that he would be waiting at Danglar's with a job for the troupe if they were interested. Oh, and a word of warning: Disarcanites were on their way to the town. Disarcanites--the anti-magic Missionaries and over-zealous Inquisitors of Varda.

Lena joins Shane on his way to Danglar's and asks about the job. Shane said that he had heard the party was traveling west and wanted to use the opportunity to deliver a gift to an old friend and business colleague who had been forced out of Varda. The man was a collector of rare coins by the name of Tarquin Blackwood, and Shane wanted an exceptionally rare coin taken to him as a present. This job will require the group to go to the ancient ruins in the forest, which is said to be home to a large population of refugees and potentially criminals.

The rest of the adventurers found their way to Danglar's (who they learned had been sent East by Shane on a different errand). Well, all except Egg-spiker, who decided to take care of some last-minute shopping. Unfortunately, as Eggsy wandered around the town, he was approached and cut off by four grim Disarcanites in cassocks who were accompanied by Kell and the peg-legged drunkard from before. It became clear that the two of them had summoned the Disarcanites and revealed the group's illegal use of magic in their adventures. Desperate for escape, Egg-spiker attempted to shake the pursuers by running away.

After accepting Shane's job, and growing concerned for their friend, Igan and Lena went out in search of the bird-man with the intention of leaving town as soon as possible. Igan, after dropping a convalescing Sklooh on his head, had to carry his now unconscious compatriot. They stopped by the barracks where they found the support of the local militia. Unfortunately for Lena, it was at this time she learned that her first love was betrothed to another. Never-mind that now! Leaving Sklooh in the care of the militia, Igan and Lena went out searching for Eggsy, and when they found him, they found themselves surrounded by the Disarcanites who had been following Egg-spiker silently.

The Disarcanites leveled the charges against them, and the leader asked for a demonstration of skills. From a brief moment in combat, it seemed that, without the use of magic, the party was utterly outclassed. The Disarcanites pronounced that they were all under arrest and due to stand trial. We leave the party in the custody of the Disarcanites.