Meanwhile, back at the Lazy Horse, Sharon was surprised and disappointed that Igan seemed unable to understand her advances, but she nevertheless helped Igan out of his armor and allowed him to bed down for the morning.

At midday, Egg-spiker woke from his rest and decided to investigate the edge of the forest and check for new growth. Sure enough, it seems the edge of the woods was expanding southward towards the town, as evidenced by the burn-marks left by Sklooh and his wagon-fire. In time, all of the party awoke and decided to meet at the Lazy Horse for a large breakfast--except for Sklooh who decided to go to the forest after learning of its continued growth, and after a stern warning from Igan not to start any more fires.

Session #6: A Lesson in Etiquette

With their first encounter with the Wisps resolved, the party exited the forest early in the morning with their flaming, broken-down half-wagon. Busoni and Caderousse hailed the weary fellows and inquired about the previous night. The frightened man rescued by the group left bewildered hastening into the town while his rescuers discussed the events and the plans for Thom's corpse and family. After some casual investigation, the party noticed something strange about the lantern they had carried out with them--particularly the strange language engraved on the inside of the base which no one could decipher. What's more, the lantern seemed to fade out of existence the further it retreated from the woods. The lantern was given to Caderousse who recognized the writing, but could not place it.

Growing weary of the conversation, Sklooh departed to find some alcoholic beverages, and Lena separated towards Danglar with business of her own. Gruff, Igan, Jacopo, and Eggsy brought the body of Thom back to the barracks for further discussion. The long evening pressed down on everyone, however, and Eggsy soon fell asleep. Igan decided to head for the Lazy Horse where Sharon had offered him a bed the day before and gave Jacopo a rousing speech regarding his place as a "Pillar of History" to encourage his continued participation in future adventures. With Jacopo leaving to consider Igan's words, the latter met his lizard friend on the way to the Lazy Horse who was annoyed by both pubs being closed. Lena, however, excited and love-struck, barged in on an unsuspecting Danglar, dancing him in circles and laying her inner-absurdities thickly on the groggy merchant. Danglar struggled to wake up and comprehend the goings on, but he offered Lena a place to sleep. After sending a paper message to Mr. Shane via carrier-owl, she took him up on his hospitality.


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Lena, Sklooh, and Egg-spiker backtracked and decided to figure out some alternative path that didn't involve following the beast. It wasn't long before they came across a room containing nothing but a few old skeletons and a single hour-glass in the center. Lena turned over the hourglass and the door closed, so she immediately set it upright again. Deciding to proceed from outside of the room, she set the timer with magic at a distance. The door closed and the sound of unseen mechanism could be heard all around. The sound stopped, and the party continued until they found a split in the path.

One direction led into a room filled with mirrors, a strange gem, and a hole in the wall between two doors. The other direction led to a long, dark, trap-affixed hallway. After some study of the room, they found that they had to close themselves inside and activate a laser that must be redirected using the mirrors and aimed into the hole. Initially, Eggsy and Sklooh waited outside for Lena to solve the puzzle, and after she had, the two of them proceeded forward and left Lena behind to watch the rear. Poor communication left the group severed in two.

The group traveled hastily into the dark of the woods, the whispering fog, and made short work of two remaining Will-o-Wisps among many that retreated. As the fog dissipated, a large house was revealed in the forest and the party approached to inspect it.

Once inside, a cursory examination turned into a desperate battle due to one of the wardrobes revealing itself to be a carnivorous creature that attempted to devour the war-cleric. Igan managed to live thanks to a heroic rescue by Egg-spiker. Exhausted, the troupe bed down in the house for sleep. Igan, though, came to in the night and continued his investigation. Noticing a strange chest, Igan engaged it in combat. Rightly so, for it was another tenacious and hungry creature. Eggsy awoke and entered combat with Igan, and the chest was defeated. Lena awoke to take a watch while the others slept, but she was startled by a beast in the form of a sofa which tried to devour Sklooh who was sleeping by the living room fireplace. Once that creature was defeated, it was clear to the party that this house was infested by Mimics. They barricaded their room and decided to sleep together.

They will clear the house when they awaken...

What followed was an uncomfortable morning. Lena perpetually lied to her adopted father in order to keep her love of Caderousse a secret, but Igan could see through her deceit. As breakfast was underway, the previously encountered peg-legged drunkard wandered into the pub off the street and made a frightful show of arrogance and presumption. Igan, already peeved, left the bar (and a distraught Sharon) enraged by the man. Eggsy followed after Igan once the unruly patron had been dealt with by magical compulsion. Once reunited, Igan apologized for his impropriety and explained to Eggsy his tragic history--his father was an abusive drunkard who maimed Igan as a child and murdered his mother. Unfortunately, Eggsy misinterpreted the display of human sentimentality and responded with laughter as though the tragedy were a jest. Igan's passion for bloodletting ignited.

Once the two of them went back to the Lazy Horse, there was a swift apology and revelation of Lena's feelings as she attempted to soothe her father and her guilt. The respite was short-lived because Sklooh returned and declared that he had started a massive fire which refused to spread. With Sklooh having explicitly and proudly disobeyed Igan's directives, the cleric decided he needed a release and dragged the adventurers back to the forest so that he could work through his frustrations in combat.

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