Session #47: Another Fond Farewell

The party camped out over night so that they could be plane-shifted into the Feywild and found themselves in the midst of the elvish village. After a brief period, they were summoned by the Fey King where they were interrogated about the encounter they had with the devil and demons. As they spoke, the Moon-elf elder arrived alongside Elohar, and the elder Drow also, paying all due courtesy to the king. After a full account in his throne room (adorned with all sorts of natural fauna), the king ruled to banish the party from his realm because he did not want his people and home caught up in an inter-planar war. The Drow then announced that she would gladly provide refuge to the party in her domain if they Fey was no longer welcoming. The merfolk metropolis, too. The moon elf elder then privately charged Elohar to escort the party after they had gone from the Fey wild. Sai, not wanting to be left behind, consulted the Sun elf elder who approved of his journey.

The Pillarmen then prepared for their expulsion. Lena was upset because no anti-scrying items had been prepared. Sklooh, on the other hand, left quite satisfied (and acquired some highly potent elvish liquor). He sniffed out a place to acquire a suitable weapon. Hopefully, he thought, an enchanted one like Igan's. He was brought to an grotto under the trunk of a tree with a root tunnel extending back into the darkness. While he could not see to navigate, he nevertheless followed the clanking metal sounds of what seemed to be some kind of hidden forge. Once there he made his petition of the male Drow workers and male merfolk who provided him with a weapon in exchange for a favor. Sklooh felt a battle ax in his hand that felt as light as a feather. He promised that he would accomplish one task asked of him by the Drow people at a later date. As he emerged into the eternal twilight of the Feywild, he discovered that the ax's magical properties were only active when it is in dim light or darkness.

On the way out, Sklooh encountered Lena who was interested in taking her locket to the Drow craftsmen so that they would open it. Once it was cracked open, Lena found nothing inside, but when she magically identified the inside of the locket, an alien word revealed itself which no one could translate. Lena would have to ponder the meaning of this word in her heart.

Igan decided to look for a shield and was impressed to find an elvish shield made out of wood with the durability of standard-issue metal shields. Thinking back to his close-encounter with too much water in his lungs, he decided that having a wooden shield that could float was a good idea.

The group set out from the Fey and through the forest, deciding that it was finally time to make good on their word to arrange a meeting between Lena and the prison warden, Adrian. As they moved and camped, they sent magical messages to him every few hours, though none of them were able to connect. Then, by chance, they got a response which informed them all of the appropriate times to contact him when he would isolate himself from the presence of the nihilstone. Using this information, they had limited conversation over the next few days and arranged to meet with him on the inland coast near the capital city of Varda, and nearby to the mountainous region they knew housed another maximum security prison.

The Pillarmen made their way ever closer and finally encountered the deserted wasteland of the Cataclysm -- the place that had engulfed most of their former homes, and the former home of the fallen comrade Egg-spiker.