Session #46: Enemies of Enemies

After the excursion with the Chain Devil, the elves took the Pillarmen into the Fey-wild once more. As they were returning to town, however, they noticed a commotion behind them. They bookmarked their conversation on what to do about Azurite, and headed back to the scene of the Devil's entrapment. What they found was a group of war-ready elves talking around a crudely constructed spire made of elvish bodies, shimmering on the other side of the veil in the Material Plane. The warriors standing by discussed with each other the situation, which was overheard by Lena: this was the sentinel squad in the Material Plane assigned to watch the perimeter of their territory, along with the added guard assigned for the purpose of observing the devil encounter. The elves continued to speculate about the situation, thinking that it likely was not the devil who had agreed not to harm the elves when they freed him.

Irthir recognized this as inherently demonic activity. Abyssal, not Infernal. Both Irthir and Igan asked to cross the veil for closer inspection while Sklooh tried to interact with the spire on this plane (to no effect). The elves dispatched two of their warriors to consult with their superiors because crossing the veil from the Fey to the Material was not common and difficult, especially multiple times in the same day. They needed an appropriate squad to properly investigate. The elves also cautioned that extra-planar beings cannot be detected from the Fey-wild, so this could be an ambush. Nevertheless, the party steeled themselves.

A drow mistress returned to the warriors and asked for eight volunteers to shift with. The Pillarmen volunteered themselves, along with four elvish warriors. With a semi-appropriate battle-stance, the Drow performed the necessary magics and the vibrant and shimmering mirage-ish appearance of the Fey gave way to the muted and static appearance of the Material. Only then did they realize that four of the bodies making up the demonic spire were alive, stitched together with the dead by the contortion of their limbs and broken bones and tied up by their own ligaments and entrails. One was barely conscious, sputtering up blood.

Lena and Irthir immediately attempted to render aid, but Igan's examination of the spire revealed that it would be almost impossible to save more than one survivor from the mangled mess -- two rescues would need delicate handling. Sklooh suggested that those elves be left to their death seeing as how they were useless at this point. This shocked the elven warriors enough to distract them from their battle-readiness for just an instant, which is when the demons attacked.

A number of bleating, cackling Bulezau emerged from the trees, leaping towards the adventurers. Goat faces, rotting flesh, and barbed tails. Igan and Irthir quickly set up an effective "safe-zone" of sorts with powerful area-effecting magics that substantially weakened the demons, but they all quickly became aware of these creatures terrible poisoned and diseased stingers that severely exhausted the vitality of their victims. The battle was raging hard and Lena attempted to save the elves from the spire as their brothers fought valiantly against the foes. As the Bulezau became more exhausted they shifted focus from the weak elves they enjoyed torturing to Lena and her efforts. Snickering and laughing, they dispatched the miserable wretches that were almost removed from the spire, rendering Lena's attempts to save them useless. This angered the wizard, who used a newly-discovered spell to transform into a powerful and giant jungle ape. The group dispatched the demons and Lena dealt the final blow to the last remaining creature, sending its guts spilling about the woods.

With that, though, their troubles were not over. A more powerful demon emerged from the shadows. A creature known as a Nalfeshnee -- the body of an obese and blubbering ape, hooves and claws, a boar's face with multiple tusks, and a set of small webbed wings. Lena uprooted a tree and launched it at the demon in her fury, hitting it directly and sending it soaring into the trees. It came back, flying towards them. Lena extended a single giant finger toward it and unleashed a powerful blast of necrotic energy which seemed to disintegrate pounds of the beast's flesh, but it continued on undeterred. It flew straight to Lena and exhibited an abyssal aura of impossible to conceive colors which turned Lena's anger into fear. The Nalfeshnee bit and clawed Lena and in almost an instant, she was damaged badly enough to revert into her former Tiefling self. After a few magical ranged attacks from Lena, Igan, and Irthir, and a continual assault from Kaela's spiritual warriors they decided that this aberration was too powerful to be taken down and prepared a retreat.

The Drow warrior desperately looked for an out and brought the retreating group to the base of a large tree and insisted that they use her magics to teleport away. Just then, as the demon was closing in, chains erupted forth from the undergrowth as the Chain Devil and his fiendish Imp joined the fray. This distraction barely provided them with the opportunity to escape. Presumably, the Chain Devil and Nalfeshnee Demon continued the battle in their absence.