Session #43: The Council Convenes

The Pillarmen were summoned to the council underneath a great tree in the Feywild community. There were nine chairs around the table, each with an elder of a different kind (apart from one vacant chair). The red-skinned and green-skinned elders were sitting in ornate thrones. They all looked incredibly old except for the grey-skinned, bronze-skinned, and pale-skinned elders. The red-skinned elf presiding, he invited Elohar to begin. Information gleamed from the council...

== Concerning Elves: ==

•High Elves
o Grey Elves -- grey skin, live on the Tundras
o Valley Elves -- human-like elves, lived on the plains, now extinct
o Sun Elves -- bronze skin, live in the deserts to the West
o Moon Elves -- pale white skin, once lived on the mountain-tops
• Wood Elves
o Wild Elves -- pastel-red skin, live in the Feywild
o Forest Elves -- copper skin, lived on the forest fringes
o Green Elves -- green skin, live deep in the forest interior
• Dark Elves
o Drow -- black skin, live beneath the mountains in caves
o Merfolk -- pastel-blue skin, live in oceans and lakes

 == Concerning Varda: ==

• Varda is getting more powerful with the mining of Nihilstone
o Wiped out the Valley Elves on this continent, maybe others
o Pushed the Moon Elves out of the mountains
o Pushed the Forest Elves into the interior realms of the forest
o Using the Nihilstone to dispel the Feywild

== Concerning Gods: ==

• Elves mentally connected to the gods and are experiencing visions
o Grays, Suns, and Moons see the oppression by and greed of Varda
o Greens, Drow, and Merfolk have unnatural outrage and desire to fight
o Suns, Wilds, and Merfolk receiving strange insight into Vardan plans
o Moons, Forests, and Drow having fits of dementia
• Elves dislike Kaela due to early civil wars among their kindred
• Elves want to trap the Devil following Lena for information
• Each Plane is a god -- the Plane is the mind of the god
o The Material Plane is where the gods chose to join consciousness
o They don't know why the Material Plane was created
o Gods can only influence what happens here, not control it
o Gods cannot materialize on the Material Plane

== Concerning Telor: ==

• Telor's supply lines are cut and Varda closes in
• They are getting desperate and expediting their fail-safe
• They plan to awake Tar'ok -- the beast beneath the mountain
o They think they can awaken it with Metorin
o They now have a shard of Bismuth
o Must steal the shards to prevent the angry titan from waking

== Concerning Silas: ==

• Silas is one incarnation in a long line of incarnations of an immortal soul
• This soul is older than the elves, called The Personality
• According to lore, it the first agent with free will on the Material Plane
• The Personality began fracturing its soul into new beings
o Only ever one at a time, so that it could experience naivety again
o When one dies, the soul is absorbed back into the stronger Personality
o Lena is a creation of Silas; he the majority of The Personality

The council convened once Lena had heard the truth. Upset, she flew from the meeting area and towards the treetops. Sklooh and Igan chased after her, but only Sklooh chased her into the trees, using his claws to hoist himself up. On the way, both he and Lena noticed a strange grotto containing a large boulder with blue veins and covered in green moss. Lena disregarded it, but Sklooh knew Irthir would be interested.

When Sklooh had finally caught up with Lena, she was too distraught to be calmed, and after exchanging a few words, Lena flew off once more where Sklooh could not follow. Sklooh descended, told Igan (who saw her fly away once more, but could not make out where she was going), and approached Irthir to tell him about the boulder. Irthir emerged quickly to investigate, but by the time he made it to the grotto, four elves had already stationed themselves around the large stone.

The elves did not obstruct Irthir's examination of the rock, and he attempted telepathic communication. He felt consciousness in the boulder. The being had the singular desire of sharing it's power with others, seducing and destroying those who stood in its way, and being removed from this neglected state. Irthir took note, but descended once more to the council area where the elves were dispersing. Irthir came across a group of Wild Elves who had apparently been tasked with researching and planning the entrapment of Lena's devil.