Session #42: The Adventures of Gummy

What's... what's that smell? Hmmm... I hungry. So hungry. Smell meat when hungry. Love smell of meat. Meat make not hungry. Smell meat now. Sneak behind plant. There are. Red meat? What red? Other me's -- maybe eat them. Move closer now. Hmmm... bushes move! Who move bushes? I move bushes? I move bushes. Meat approaching. Meat looking at bushes. Meat looking at me? Meat looking at me. EAT MEAT! Meat hard. Can't bite. Smell like meat, but hard like rock. Try bites. No meat taste. Meat grab me! Run! Run! Can't escape! REEEEE! Not meat! Death! Trick! Trap! Get off, meat! Can't get away. Get away. Can't get away. Vines on my mouth. REEEEE! Vines on my neck. Gonna starve. Gonna die. REEEEE! Run. Can't run. Run? Can't run!

Not-meat trap me. Not-meat drag me. Gonna choke. REEEEE! Gave food, but still die. Climb tree? Can't climb tree. Run this way? Can't run this way. Run that way? Can't run that way. Neck ouch. REEEEE! Not-meat pains me. Still hungry. Not enough meat. REEEEE! Can't eat. Will die. Will choke. REEEEE! Dark time now. Dark time danger. Kill not meat! REEEEE! Not-meat vine me to tree! Climb? Can't climb. Run? Can't run. REEEEE! Get away. Get away. Get away. Plants moving. Plants gonna eat. REEEEE! Plants gonna eat me? No. Plants gonna eat not-meat. No. Plants gonna eat me and not-meat! REEEEE! Other me shot fire... might be safe. NOT SAFE! STILL PLANTS. Other me is vined like me! REEEEE! Plants gonna eat me! REEEEE! More vines... more vines choke me. Tighter vines. Squeeze pain. reee... dead now...

Not dead? Am alive? Am alive! Am escape! Run! Can't run. Still vine. Not-meat not eaten. Plants gone. REEEEE! Let go, not-meat! Ow. Run! Climb! Can't can't. Will escape. Will food...

Days on vine. Days with not-meat. Am hungry. Not-meat give meat. Not enough. Want food. Can't run. Can't climb. Too vine. Won't die. Won't run. Hurt neck. What that? White meat? No. White not-meat. Get away! Bite! Can't bite. Run! Can't run... Hmmm... White not-meat friend. White not-meat give food. White not-meat not hurt neck. White not-meat take away vine. Just not-meat hurt neck. White not-meat is good. Follow white not-meat. Follow... follow... follow... More white not-meat?

What? Where? What? Where other me's go? Where red meat go? Where not-meat go? Where white not-meats go? Hmmm... I hungry. So hungry. Smell meat when hungry. Love smell of meat. Meat make not hungry. Smell meat now. Go get meat...

They watched as a shadow of the large lizard, Gummy, trailed off into the woods. Having navigated the forest with marginal success, the Pillarmen finally found themselves in the presence of the elves. The strange spell brought them into a parallel plane called The Fey. The landscape and physical features contorted into new shapes and forms that were still somehow the same. Colors became more pronounced and vivid; light seemed to fill the space like a liquid, leaving swirls of vapor-mirage-like patterns where shadows ought to be. Well, where they would be if there were a sun as a light source and not perpetual twilight and a red and purple starless sky. Some of the plants and fungi gave off their own lights in neon colors. While the world around them was perceivable, their perceptions of the alien world around them defied description.

 The elves welcomed them to their society and Elohar brought them to their quarters. He told them that they were not yet permitted to wander, but should stay here until tomorrow's council convenes. The Pillarmen experienced their first elvish marvels -- druidcraft by song and what seemed to be menial tasks carried out on/with uncommon creatures (e.g. roosting cockatrices). They all thought it best not to wander off and risk putting themselves outside of the elves' good graces.