Igan, however, was tormented in his unconscious state by a strange dream. A towering armor-adorned woman introduced herself as the avatar of Arreat, Kaela of War. In the midst of a battle-torn field of corpses, the deity informed the Cleric cryptically of his importance. His life (or death) was seemingly tied up and connected to many strands of fate in this world. As the harbinger of violence and destruction, Kaela promised a steady gift of divine power if Igan should prove himself a prudent and valiant warrior. In a sudden shift, Jerha of Life Essence, avatar of Ynead, made entrance into this vision. In a comforting display of jovial fallen warriors, the being ushered in a sense of serenity as she explained that all things are connected in one way or another. Igan regained consciousness immediately upon contract with Jerha, which left him perplexed as to whether what he had witnessed was a real occurrence. He returned to restfulness.


After proper safeguards were in place, and placidity engulfed the camp, the adventurers were startled awake once more by the familiar sound of magical alarm wards. Apparently, the ward had been triggered by a disturbance from the tent of the child, Tanya. Upon quick investigation, Tanya was found missing and the party found themselves in pursuit of a figure sprinting evasively through the tall grass. Twice, the creature evaded capture by inexplicable magical means--Raphael, the Owl, and Sklooh broke off their pursuit due to strange arcane effects. Nevertheless, the chase resumed and eventually concluded with the capture of Tanya herself, now revealed to have certain unknown magical aptitude.

The child desired release, not to return to Argatha, and after exhaustive discussion the troupe decided to acquiesce and allow Tanya to blaze her own course. Sklooh followed the child westward before returning to his friends. The following morning, everyone felt revitalized from the previous night's endeavors and all seemed to have awakened stronger potentials in themselves from the conflicts and difficulties they had endured. The contrast of their well-rested morning with the previous night's hardships made clear to them just how strong they were becoming. They all decided to return to Argatha empty-handed (apart from a few scavenged trinkets, of course).

In a comic display of poor acrobatics and a few tumbles by Egg-spiker, they managed to make it safely back to town where they were greeted by Marina and Herald who were awaiting the return of their daughter expectantly. Igan remained with the couple to explain the situation and vow to recover their lost child. Sklooh and Lena set out to engage in alcoholic frivolity. Egg-spiker attended to matters of a more monetary nature. Nevertheless, when all deeds were done, they met at Sharron's pub, The Lazy Horse, to discuss their plan of action. Should they:

- Retrieve Tanya from the west
- Find the Goblin's 'shinies' to the south
- Address the strange disappearances to the north
- Accompany Danglar on more expeditions eastward
- Set out on their own once more

Ultimately, it was decided to go north and investigate the strange disappearances the town has been experiencing. Oh, yeah, and Igan is a virgin and Sharron wants to tap that.

Session #4: Getting Our Bearings

The child was rescued and taken from the tent. Igan was unconscious. Sklooh and Jacopo were maimed. Egg-spiker and Lena made preparations for the night. First order of business: the surviving Goblin who was slowly inching his way towards freedom.

With many threatening words, the creature begged for his life and promised great wealth and magic if he were released. Disregarding these temptations, Egg-spiker dispatched the wretch with a swift jab from his blade. The creature went limp and dribbled out its remaining life-blood. With that matter out of the way, it was time to bed down. After burying a nice horde of loot, naturally.