Session #38 Prequel: Well, F*ck My Sh*t Up

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Adam Johnson. All he wanted, more than anything in the world, was to create a nice game of D&D to play with his friends. Adam spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas and coming up with a lot of nice things that he just knew his friends would enjoy.

Then along came Paul. He was also wanted nice things in D&D, but he didn't want Adam to have nice things. So one day, he F*CKED ADAM'S SH*T UP.

The end.

Session #38: All Acording to Plan...

The Pillarmen and Elohar awoke and discussed their mission to rescue Lena from Artel. They made for Sedgwick to meet up with members of Irthir's clan, dispatched by the patriarch from Varda at Irthir's request. Itru, Irthir's brother and Shex, his sister, met them at the town and purchased certain goods for the Pillarmen and Elohar. They also demanded a full status report about how Irthir was making money for the clan. With only minimum amounts of subterfuge (and a distinct lack of comprehension on the part of his siblings), Irthir convinced them of a large flow of revenue that was soon due him. They seemed impressed by how he had toughened up in the past year, but conveyed the patriarch and matriarch's annoyance that he had not kept in contact. They had assumed he was dead with the raid on Cardel. With the air cleared, they left Irthir a small bag of coin and departed back for Varda.

Deciding to make use of the coin, the party hazarded a shopping expedition into Sedgwick for armor and horses. Sufficient armor was procured, but they ran into trouble when Mr. Joy, the stable-master, recognized Igan and summoned the guards. In one of the shortest and most merciless slaughters of their adventures thus far, Igan and Irthir butchered guards and civilians alike as they made their way out of the city and down the road. They were pursued by a gang of Disarcanites, however, and soon had to pause and deal with the issue. Elohar disappeared into the grass to watch, but Sklooh met the challenge directly. Once the Disarcanites found they were outmatched, one made to retreat, but he was halted by Elohar who sprung forward and dispatched him. They carried on as quickly as possible with the Disarcanite's horses.

In their travels, Elohar imparted many valuable insights into the founding of Telor and it's administration -- at least before the elves had left. He explained who Artel was (according to his limited knowledge), saying that he was the bastard child of a Moon Elf and a human refugee. As such, he was disowned among his own people and exalted among the foreign residents. When discussion turned to extra-planar knowledge, Elohar stopped the travels. He explained to the group that each star is a gateway to another plane, which is the dominion of another god. Elohar further explained that Irthir's fixation -- the disappearance of the star -- can only be explained by the destruction of a plane; something which has not happened in a very long time. As such, Irthir must have had a vision of that star's disappearance. When he indicated the place in the sky, Elohar explained that a celestial being of immense power descended from the heavens when that star was blotted out, and that this being crashed into the mountain that became known as Telor. The Moon Elves, having observed this event, took up residence in the mountain and discovered a dormant behemoth buried underneath. It wasn't until much later that refugees began arriving and living amongst the elves as a response to Varda's anti-magic polcies. The elves left Telor when the refugees initiated conflicts with Varda and began tampering with the monstrosity beneath the mountain. Irthir was warned against using magics from unknown sources.


Meanwhile, Lena was bound. She was visited by Artel and a mysterious man. A quick exchange of coin occurred, and Artel explained that Lena wasn't going to bring him a unicorn, he was going to make her into one. The unknown caster attempted to exert his power over Lena and transform her physicality. By the grace of fortune, she resisted the spell, and bluffing out her ass, she convinced Artel that her family possessed the special characteristic of being immune to transmutation magics. Artel believed her and resigned to have her tortured each day until the transgression was taken out of her flesh.

Lena decided she could stay no longer, and exhausted many of her magical abilities breaking the arcane wards Artel had placed on her room. She navigated around the magical alarms he had placed and sneaked out of the mansion by the skin of her teeth. Not long after, Telor was on full alert looking for the tiefling who had escaped from Artel. A large man-hunt began, and Lena ducked for cover. In order to cause a sufficient distraction, Lena conjured an illusory image of a great Red Dragon in the mountain. Unbeknownst to her, another Red Dragon was present in the city...

For his own reasons, the Red Dragon -- once disguised as a human -- abandoned his disguise and made to attack the opposing dragon, not realizing it was an illusion. Upon contact with the being, though, the Red Dragon realized the deception and entered a terrible fury. He began scorching the city with dragon fire. He began clawing and biting at the structures. He began roaring interrogatives about who was responsible and asking where it was. The mages of Telor band together unleashing magical assaults on the beast to the best of their abilities. The destruction was unparalleled. It was a bloodbath. And Lena seized the opportunity to make her escape...

The dragon did not last long, though it did incalculable damage in its throws. Lena waited outside the city and had Raphael ferry messages between herself and Akasha. She inquired about her spell book and discovered it had been taken by the city's nefarious Black Cloaks. With a few more messages, Akasha expressed her desire to speak with Lena privately. Lena set off to find the rest of the Pillarmen.