Meanwhile, the three Pillarmen find themselves in dark cells with strong metal doors. They find their magical abilities are not working and there seems to be no escape, though meals are brought to them through slits in the door. They each find small compartments on the wall, and Sklooh manages to break into it, revealing a strange, glossy, almost metallic stone. He uses the metal to make an improvised weapon and spends the greater part of a week trying to break through the metal door. Once a week had passed in darkness and uncomfortable isolation, the cell doors are opened, revealing Disarcanites. One by one, the Pillarmen are conducted to their new cells which are more comfortable, adjacent to one another, and prevailed by a less potent anti-magic field.

They are invited to an interview with Arcatraz's warden, Adrian. Sklooh's prison shank is confiscated and it is explained that the strange metal is Nihilstone and is responsible for preventing their magic from working. He speaks to them all under Igan's Zone of Truth to encourage trust. They are sent back to their cells where Irthir attempts a bit of magic and is swiftly halted by an arrow through the hand. Welcome to Varda's second-most secure prison


During that first week, Lena was making a break for Telor while exhausting her options for otherworldly assistance. She desperately issued a plea for the unicorn, and Bismuth, and Kaela, hoping for something or anything to help her in her dire need. After flying for three days without sleep for the second stretch in a row, she finally collapses from her exertions and she beheld a vision of Kaela's doing. Following the vision and a peculiar interaction with Bismuth, Lena decided to return and exhaust all methods of saving the boys. She would arrive thirteen or so days after the their capture and the day of her retreat.

SESSION 34: Plan? What Plan?

The Pillarmen sailed straight for Arcatraz. The prison comes within sight at nightfall, and the party sees that it is protected by a naval blockade. While attempting to sail subtly toward the prison, they are spotted and alerted by one of the ships through signalling lights. The Pillarmen, with no other alternative signaled back and prepared a ruse. Two ships broke formation and came to meet their Orc ship. Lena and Kasj hid below deck; Igan, Sklooh, Irthir planned to feign an Orc attack. The Vardan military board and search ship, not finding the stow-aways. Igan and Irthir attempt their subterfuge and the three are invited on board the Vardan vessel. Sklooh tries to make Igan vomit as a distraction but accidentally causes him to lose his footing; he falls into the water. Sklooh jumps in after him, but Igan cannot swim or be saved due to his heavy plate armor. With assistance from Sklooh, Igan is rescued from drowning, but at the expense of his plate armor which is sacrificed to the bottom of the sea. Sklooh, however, refuses to come aboard, so the Vardans set sail without him. Igan and Irthir are shackled and a course is set to Arcatraz -- their ruse was apparently unbelievable.

The Orc ship is secured and towed away by another nearby military vessel to be scrapped. So as not to abandon Lena and Kasj, Sklooh climbs aboard the orc ship, but is detected by the militants. Sklooh engages in combat with the crew, yelling the panic word for Lena and Kasj. After a ferocious altercation and once Sklooh is subdued by the soldiers, Lena takes Kasj and makes a tactical retreat to shore. Lena wants to go to Telor for help, but Kasj wants to stay and stage a rescue. The Pillarwomen part ways.