The battle began above and Irthir tried to find purchase on the side of the ship as to not be left behind. He seemed unable to find a handhold, and just as another Orc-woman fell over the side of the ship, he decided to make his way towards the chains -- the only way he'd be able to climb back onto the deck and join the fray.

Meanwhile, a battle raged. Igan summoned his angelic warriors of Kaela to assist him in battle, which added to the confusion because of what was transpiring around Sklooh... After Sklooh entered his blood-rage and began slaughtering Orcs, mysterious figures began to appear around him like some kind of manifestation of his rage. Strange reptilians with sharp horns and teeth, beady eyes, and almost rocky-looking scales began assaulting Sklooh's targets. While these strange entities were too ethereal to cause any damage, they apparently exerted some kind of force on the enemy, making it difficult for him to maneuver and attack.

So while the decks were filled with warring Orcs, celestials, and demon-like reptilians, Lena began her task of trying to neutralize the Orc-shaman. She used her illusion magic to contain him and prevent him from casting spells, and then lent her offensive magic to her allies by blasting the common Orcs with chilling rays of frost. The raid was quick and effective, and it wasn't long before virtually all of the male Orcs had fallen. Irthir was able to clamber back onto the ship after a few chunks were taken out of him by some hungry sharks. Igan and four Orc-women subdued the shaman and made him safe for delivery back to the tribe.

The enemy Orc ship was abandoned, and they redirected their course back to the continent. On the way, it was explained that the reason Orc shamans are eyeless is due to offerings to the Orc god, Groota. Special Orc individuals who receive a vision of Groota must make a sacrifice of their eyes and, found faithful, they will be rewarded with new vision and with powers. Some Orcs, however, mistake themselves for being chosen and simply cut out their own eyes for no reason. This uncertainty about being selected by Groota makes the act of faith that much more meaningful.

Finally arriving back at the female tribe, the leader told ordered them all to gather their belongings so that they could relocate to a less conspicuous location. The tribe of over two-dozen Orcs climbed aboard and everyone sailed to an island among a chain of islands where they disembarked. The Pillarmen explored the island while the Orcs prepared for some kind of ceremony on the beach. The male Orc was stripped nude and spiked down, his tongue cut out and his teeth removed. A large fire was made. That evening, stories were told in the Orc language (which left the Pillarmen out of the loop for the most part) and an offering was made for the sister Orcs who had fallen in battle. Desiring to be one of the sisters, Lena made her offering as well, cutting two deep gashes into her arm. Well, one deep gash and then a slightly less deep gash due to pain.

Once the ceremony was concluded, it was mating time. Lena, as a "sister" was offered the first honors on the male Orc, but she refused and the issue was dropped after strong objections from the party. The leader approached Igan and Sklooh and told them that for their valor in battle, they were judged to have powerful seed that the tribe would be like to integrate for their strength. They were told that they could breed any of the Orcs in the tribe. Igan, who had never mated before, chose leader, and Sklooh (likewise) chose to breed EVERYONE.

*fade to black, Igan natural-20'd and rocked the Orc's world*
*Sklooh made his way through about seven Orc women before collapsing from exhaustion*

The following day, the Pillarmen were awoken to learn to sail. The party would spend the next eight-and-a-half months learning to become proficient on a ship. All except Lena, that is, who spent her time learning the Orc language and completing certain magical items: some magical playing cards, and necklace imbued with fire magic for Sklooh. Irthir also finished a craft he was working on -- a pot that would bring a shrub to life.

Over the course of their time spent with the Orcs, Igan had to stomach the tragic murder of two of his children due to them being male. He did nothing but protest to prevent their deaths. His surviving progeny, a daughter, was taken to be raised by the Orc's tribe, but Igan gave a small trinket to her mother so that the girl would have something of his to remember him by.

After spending nearly a year with the Orcs, the Pillarmen became proficient enough to comfortably set sail. They set a course for the prison island they had set out for so long ago...

Igan's celibacy came to an end in a spectacularly seismic tryst with Leader ...

... and then he bailed.

SESSION 33: The Home We Never Had

It wasn't long before they found what they were after: an Orc ship in the distance. As they approached, they found that it was going much slower than they were, and so gaining on it was no problem. The strategy was to approach broadside and do as much damage as possible to the Orc crew with ranged attacks. When they got closer, they saw why the enemy ship was traveling so slowly. The male Orcs were not utilizing all of their sails and were dragging heavy chains behind their ship. Upon inspection, these chains were found to be hooked and attached to various bodies (presumed dead) that were being drug through the water. As a result, sharks were swimming after and around the ship, ripping flesh off of the chains. "Alright, so don't fall in the water..." Igan said.

The ships paralleled each other, and just as a volley of javelins was about to be released at the unflinching male Orc crew that stood eerily gazing at the Pillarmen and female Orcs, Irthir unleashed a spell to shatter a few of their bones and weaken them. Once the spell was cast, and a few of the Orcs stumbled a bit, the male Orcs dropped one of their sails, caught a cross-breeze, turned their ship's wheel over in the direction of the Pillarmen and rammed their ship. The crash sent a jolt across the deck, knocking several of the oOrc women off of their feet, causing them to drop their javelins. Irthir, who had been casting from the edge of the ship for safety (ironically), was dragged overboard by one of the stumbling Orc women, and they both crashed into the water below.