Irthir schools Sklooh on how to treat unconscious victims.

Seasick Igan fails to impress leader with his prodigious production and distance.


Apparently, the three Orcs were captured in a raid to kidnap a male Orc and bring him back to their tribe. The Pillarmen learned that Orcs survived through a literal rape-culture. While males were seamen, coming ashore only for raids, female Orcs dwell along coasts. Male Orcs perpetuated their crews by holding female Orcs captive and breeding them to death, adding their sons to the crews and keeping their daughters aboard as further broodmares. As a result of the continuous mating with their daughters and sisters and mothers, male Orcs became incredibly inbred. Female Orcs, however, attempt to capture a single male Orc (an almost assuredly suicidal expedition) and take him back to their tribe where he will be restrained and mated with by all of the females to increase their tribe's numbers. When the women have their litters, they kill off all of the male offspring by drowning them in the sea and keep the daughters to raise as a part of the tribe. The daughters are not permitted to mate with their father-Orc, and so female Orc tribes are usually far less inbred and far more intelligent and amiable than male Orcs. Most female Orc tribes go extinct for being unable to capture replacement males to mate with, or they lose their identity to miscegenation in the absence of male Orcs to breed with.

The three female Orcs offered the Pillarmen sailing expertise in exchange for assistance in capturing a male Orc to serve as their tribe's "broodmare." Preferably, a magical Orc of Groota, but the fittest Orc on board if that were impossible. So the Pillarmen were taken back to the tribe of Amazonian Orc women where a total of seven joined their numbers in preparation for the mission. After all were ready, they set sail, scanning the horizon for red sails.

SESSION 32: Concerning Orcs

Irthir heard a strange voice as he was stargazing. Well, not a voice, but an impulse deep inside him, beckoning him. Over the course of many years of research regarding stars, he became fascinated with a void in the sky. Many of the oldest star records showed a particularly bright star in this location, but Irthir was never able to find it -- almost as though the star had vanished (or all of the oldest star maps were in error). He was mysteriously drawn to this black void in the sky.

Anyway, once the party was alerted to the deal with the Orc women, Igan, Lena, and Sklooh thought it prudent to retrieve Kasj from the Goblin tunnels and caves. Sklooh gave Lena a note as proof of his being alive and Lena left in search of the small lizard woman. In the meantime, Igan did his best to heal the injured prisoners of the Orcs and Sklooh worked on cleaning the guts and ichor and refuse out of their new ship.

Finally, after just a couple of hours, Lena reached the Goblin's deserted homes. Along the way, she saw that Cardel had been overwhelmingly victorious in the siege. She felt a sadistic pleasure in the thought of the goblins being butchered, even if she didn't like the Vardans. Finding the underground river and the place where Kasj was last seen, Lena only found Kobold tracks and no Kasj on the riverbank. It looked as though the little lizard had gone foraging a few times, but always came back to the river where she believed Sklooh might resurface. After an extensive investigation, Lena found a crevice in the cave walls that looked lived-in, and holding the note towards the crack, a feeble blackish-green hand reached out and took the note. Crawling forward, Kasj looked up at Lena and said weakly, "Knew... he wasn't... dead..." before passing out from undernourishment.

Lena, who was greatly annoyed at discovering Kasj's ability to speak Common after all this time, considered abandoning the Kobold to her fate, but ultimately scooped her up and ferried her back to the shore where the rest of the party and the Orc women were waiting for her. Once she arrived, the surviving captives were released, and everyone had boarded the ship, they set sail and the Orc women explained the details of the exchange.