When the time came, it was clear who had the superior military force, as Vardan forces were more effective warriors. Despite that, the Goblins managed to take the bridge through the power of their numbers. Meanwhile, the Pillarmen did successfully infiltrate the city, though not stealthily. Witnesses were all around and they immediately alerted the proper authorities, though most armed men seemed to be standing guard over economic centers rather than pursuing the Goblin raiders.

Once they had reached the marinas, they began their work of destroying ships and docks. Igan, however, was looking for the perfect moored ship for their sea venture. Upon seeing Admiral Kerr's ironclad, he decided that he had to take this warship, and he brought Lena alongside him. As he approached the boat, however, he heard an unfamiliar voice calling out to him by name and warning them against going to that ship. They saw the strange frilled lizardfolk approaching, and he introduced himself as Irthir and explained that he knew their friend, Sklooh, and that he had been caring for him over the course of the last week. Irthir said he would take them to Sklooh.

On the way to Irthir's house, a small regiment of Cardel soldiers came rushing past them toward the harbor and Igan tried to subvert them. He, perhaps accidentally, took control of their group and began leading them on a merry chase northward. Lena told Irthir to continue and explained that Igan would be fine. Once they arrived at Irthir's house, Lena sent Raphael scouting for Igan so that he could show him the way back.

Lena walked in to find Sklooh warming himself by the fire and drinking Irthir's alcohol. Lena was overjoyed to see her dead friend alive and well, and almost just as joyful at being reunited with her mother's necklace (which Sklooh had managed to keep safe). Sklooh explained to Lena that he had been knocked unconscious and thrown about in the torrent until he was very near death, but when he washed out of the mountains that night, he was lucky to be come upon by Irthir. Irthir had been out for a stroll that evening, and feeling kinship with the lizardfolk drifting down the river, retrieved him.

When Sklooh came to, he found that he was being cared for, but wasn't sure of his circumstances. He pretended to be sleeping until Irthir irresponsibly used magic to ignite his fireplace. With that, Sklooh knew that he was not in enemy hands. He arose and calmed Irthir down (who was afraid of being exposed) by relating to him the details of his travels. More specifically, his traveling companions and their magic. Irthir was enthralled and asked if he could meet them, and if they could, perhaps, take him to Telor where he wouldn't have to hide his abilities. Sklooh agreed to help Irthir due to his life debt.

While this story was unraveling, Igan was mucking up his ruse. The soldiers grew increasingly suspicious of Igan's behavior and when they asked for him to produce his papers, he knew he couldn't continue the lie. He abandoned them and darted to and fro down streets and alleys until he was sure he had lost them. Eventually, he was located by Raphael who led him back to the others.

With introductions out of the way, Igan maintained that they needed a ship, and Irthir strongly suggested against taking Kerr's warship. They made their way back to the marina unobstructed thanks to Lena's illusion magic, and what they found there was many soldiers, slain hobgoblins, and most of the still-moored ships burning. Spotting a nearby merchant vessel that had escaped the onslaught of the hobgoblins, Igan channeled his divine energies into a spell that allowed them all to walk across the water of the harbor and up to the boat.

With little trouble, the Pillarmen boarded the ship and ejected the Dwarvish owners quickly. Searching below deck, they discovered another dwarf doing inventory, and they brought him up top to have him abandon ship, too. Just as he was jumping over the side of the ship, Igan directed his water-walking powers towards the dwarf, causing him to break his legs on the surface of the water. Presumably, the original crew made it back to shore. Now the Pillarmen had to deal with operating their newly acquired ship.

SESSION 30: A reunion on multiple fronts

Lena had no desire to assist the Goblins in any way, but relieved some of her frustrations privately by leading a troupe of lesser Goblins away from the mountains and obliterating them. She was given permission by the warlord to bury Eggsy before beginning construction on the bombs, so she led them out of the mountain stronghold with Egg-spiker's body and used her magic to dispatch them before returning to speak with Igan. Perhaps her Tiefling nature began to manifest.

Upon her return, both she and Igan were summoned to the Warlord's abode where he expressed his hope that Lena had gotten whatever hatred she had for his kind out of her system so that she could assist in the war effort for their mutual self-interest. She agreed to begin bomb manufacturing with some prodding by Igan.

Once everything was ready to go, it was decided that Lena and Igan, along with the elite Hobgoblins would sneak into the marina and destroy it together while half of the Goblin horde would assault and seize control of the bridge, and by extension the western side of the city and river. They were told that if the endeavor was going well enough and the assault on the bridge as well as the confusion caused by the attack on the marina caused the Vardan forces to divide suitably, that the remaining Goblin forces would attack from the East and try to take control of the gate and road.