A short ways off from the perimeter of the city, a dazed and concussed old man was discovered. Surely this was Herald, Marina's husband, but his head injury made his account of the events dubious. Egg-spiker returned Herald to Argatha while the rest of the adventurers tracked the goblin unit. As the sun began to set, with Eggsy having recovering the distance, a goblin encampment was discovered, complete with a ferocious worg  staked to the ground. Lena initiated an ambush on the unsuspecting goblins, but poor execution allowed for the alacritous rousing of the sleeping goblins. A fierce battle ensued which nearly claimed the lives of Igan, Sklooh, and Jacopo, but through ingenuity, persistence, and ungodly luck, the goblins were destroyed. That is, all except for one unconscious prisoner.

With Igan stable, but unconscious, and two critically injured teammates, the lost girl was found in restraints. The party released the child and prepared for the next phase in their mission.

Session #3: The Fire Rises

The party discarded the unrecognizable corpses of Enys and company then decided to head off for a place to bed down for the night. A few preparations were made--Sklooh gathered various bits of inflammable materials and created a fire while Igan tended to a few medic duties and Lena prepared a few arcane security measures while Danglar ate his supper. Egg-spiker, as is his custom, made supplication to Bismuth after the violent encounter. Before too long, the band of weary wanderers hunkered down for bed when Lena (who had stayed awake for her studies) was alerted by her trusty owl, Raphael, that there were intruders afoot.


Following summons, Danglar and Igan found their way toward The Lazy Horse and met up with their companions who were being jostled by a staggering drunkard and a cheery barkeep named Sharron. In the midst of what was becoming an animated soiree, a distressed woman was seen sobbing in the distance. Some hasty interrogation led to the information that a company of goblins had ambushed the woman and her family, presumably murdering her husband and daughter. The party insisted on investigating, and Jacopo of the militia was assigned to them as their guide. The woman, identified as Marina, was led away in hysterics, and the party set forth with the intention of recovering her family.

Some inquisitive and presumably hungry wolves pushed into camp and assumed hostile postures once Lena's magical wards triggered an alarm that sounded reminiscent of a dying turkey. The party was startled to consciousness, not fully rested or equipped for battle, and a horse was lost in the confusion. Nevertheless, a scuffle ensued between the wolf pack and the adventurers, and as the fray heated up, so too did the steppes when Sklooh scattered the flames of his campfire into the surrounding grass. After Lena discharged a bomb in the center of camp, a frightened Danglar stumbled bewildered from his wagon only to be assaulted and almost fatally maimed by a wolf. Likewise, Sklooh was felled in battle and almost taken by the alpha. Some timely hero work from the nearly bled Eggsy, the depleted Lena, and exhausted Igan frightened away or defeated the remaining beasts, and the wounded were tended to. Unfortunately, Sklooh's fire had grown to a point beyond the party's control, and the remaining warriors decided to relocate.

Adopted father and daughter made the decision to tarry on through the night, putting the wildfire far behind them on their way to Argatha.

After almost two full days of travel, they arrived. Egg-spiker remained at the entrance of the city and begun his worship rites. Danglar went directly to the town square for business accompanied by Igan, who was interested inquiring about superior armor. Lena and Sklooh made good on their word to return and make payment for the borrowed horse and met the somewhat xenophobic Grit Joy, stable-head. Following an uncomfortable conversation, Lena and Sklooh trekked to the nearest pub--The Lazy Horse on the east side of town. Unfortunately, Sklooh's menacing appearance prompted intervention from the chief of the local militia, Gruff. Meanwhile, Eggsy was busy with interruptions from a posturing town-guard, a wary crowd, and a bothersome Raphael. Igan did not find the armor he was looking for, but did receive payment for some looted weapons, and he managed to meet some members of the disorganized local militia.