Originally, everyone tried to dissuade Kasj from engaging in combat with weapons or physical attacks, but due to her not being receptive to this advice, they changed tactics and decided to convince her that she was too strong to engage in combat with her fists and that it wouldn't be a fair fight. Sklooh made Kasj some bone-knuckles, only to be used as a last resort. Kasj wasn't really buying it, but she discontinued the pleas for dignity's sake.

Following that dialog, Igan expressed his desire to take their adventure directly to Varda. He perhaps kept to himself that he has developed an almost fanatical desire to thrust this continent into a state of war for his goddess... but he thought that he might be able to promote insurrection with propaganda regarding the content of the library. Furthermore, he wanted to investigate the other Vardan maximum security prisons -- prisons that are still fully operational.

So the party consented and set off for the closest Vardan coastal city of Cardell, which was several weeks travel away. On their first day through the woods, they encountered some of the legendary wildlife in the form of a giant tunnel-spider which was laying in wait for whatever food happened to wander by. The Pillarmen engaged with the arachnid and after a bit of a struggle, killed the beast as it retreated back into it's den. Once they battled their way in, they discovered a large egg-sack, which Lena sliced through. The hundreds of infant spiders erupted forth and the party did their best to destroy the little creatures before continuing on their journey -- Lena, crippled from an excessive amount of friendly attacks.

SESSION 23: The Webs We Weave

In order to recover from the previous excursions, the Pillarmen decided to spend the next couple days in the relative safety of the former Vardan military institution. Lena spent the time crafting a mysterious item in the library, and Eggsy was with her crafting a strange outfit from strands of paper which also happened to be the memories of imprisoned spell-casters. Igan paid homage to the gods and Sklooh used the time to rest his sore muscles as well as to take Kasj out for human-flesh jerky.

The lizards discovered that the remaining zombie villagers had been dispatched by Shandri and Kosef, so there were no incidents. However, upon seeing the corpses of the humans, Kasj expressed her desire to be a strong fighter like Sklooh. The large lizard used every unit of his reptile-brain processing power to convey to Kasj that she should use her magic to fight and that physical combat was too dangerous. She didn't seem to want to accept this. Regardless, Sklooh discovered that Kasj was able to summon poison gas (fart fingers) and acid (sizzle goop) at will, as well as create dazzling lights and electrocute things through her touch (buzz touch). Sklooh decided to bring Lena into the discussion, and inevitably Egg-spiker as well. Following some hilarious displays of strength, Lena brought Igan into it, too.