SESSION 22: Loose-ends

After a brief respite, Igan went to check on Kosef and found him absent. He went down to the party and told them that Kosef was missing. Since Kosef's last standing order was to watch for Shandri and kill her, they presumed that he had seen her and decided to track him. As they followed his trail, they found a number of hastily made but well-constructed traps that had been sprung as Shandri tried to subdue Kosef without harming him. Fortunately for the party, none of the traps were effective. They eventually met up with Kosef who reported to seeing Shandri several times hiding and moving about in the forest undergrowth.

As the party scouted the area, Lena was shot from the sky by an arrow loosed from the vegetation. Once the general location of Shandri had ascertained and the search focused in on that location, Igan saw the expert hunts-woman adorned in a very deceptive natural camouflage, and revealing her location to the party, began combat. Her natural agility and the thick vegetation of the forest floor made fighting her difficult, but she was ultimately no match for the full force of the Pillarmen plus Kosef. It was Egg-spiker who charmed her and brought her under his control, as Lena had with Kosef. After compelling her to reveal the location of an unconscious and bound Kasj, the party prepared themselves to end Shandri while she was helpless. After a swift attack from each person, Shandri fell unconscious and Lena ordered Kosef to deliver the killing blow -- which he did, by snapping her neck.


With one Vardan soldier out of the way, Lena prepared Kosef to meet the same fate. After a brief struggle, however, Kosef submitted the the party's decision to end his life and he asked for a quick death. Taken by an attitude of mercy, they instead bound him with manacles and decided to lock him in one of the compartments of the cell block of the prison. The troupe when their separate ways for the evening to recover from the fierce battles of the previous day, but Lena stayed to look after and speak to Kosef. He revealed that his only desire was to see his family again, and after Lena made him promise not to renew his attack, agreed to free him.

She went to Egg-spiker's sleeping quarters to retrieve the key to the cell, and was shocked to find the Barbed Devil from the previous evening examining the sleeping body of Eggsy. Lena asked for the creature not to wake the bird, but the devil disturbed him anyway, rousing him. The devil, stooping down to Eggsy revealed to the half-asleep cleric that there were, indeed, other followers of "Bismuth" still alive. As the fiend rose to depart, Lena asked if there was any news concerning her father. "Not yet." He left.

Lena looted Egg-spiker while he was groggy, took the key, and retreated to Kosef's cell. She unlocked the manacles that held the door closed, and walked the large man to the entrance of the prison where she turned him loose. She told him that not all magic-users were evil. He expressed his contradicting sentiments and left into the night.

The following morning, it is discovered that Lena set the prisoner free, but no one seemed too upset by it. Perhaps due to guilt? Anyway, everyone made certain preparations in their free time including Sklooh and Egg-spiker's trap at the entrance that Igan (intentionally?) walked right into and triggered. I suppose it's best to enjoy some shenanigans every so often.