SESSION 21: Don't Split the Party

Igan woke up with Sklooh and heard some shifting in the hallways. Igan went to investigate and turned a corner to a drawn bow in his face. Igan recognized the garb of both the woman holding the bow and the large, plated man behind her as Vardan soldiers. Sklooh, assessing the situation, rounded the corner in full attack. The woman loosed her arrow, and the fray started. Igan and Sklooh focused their attacks on the woman's weapon, seeking to disarm her, and realizing she was in too close of quarters to be effective, she made a retreat. A retreat that was covered by her strong-man who was wielding two shields and pummeling the Pillarmen. In the battle, Sklooh was rendered unconscious multiple times, but was always recovered by Igan's magic. Eggsy, however, who was sleeping on the floor above, was felled while sleeping by the female soldier.

Things were looking dire for the group, as Eggsy, Sklooh, and eventually Igan were defeated by the mysterious duo. However, Raphael had heard the ruckus and sought desperately to awaken Lena, who might turn the tides. Eventually she did wake up and project her senses through the owl as he flew about the place. She saw that her friends had been bested, and she prepared to confront the intruders. Lena approached the two of them and used her magic to bewitch the big one and turn him against the woman. She evaded, and Lena recovered her friends (all except Kasj, who was missing). Lena sent Raphael out to track the woman, but he could not keep track of her. Lena retreated to the interior of the prison with the others and had the strongman standing guard. Well, after he removed his defenses and imparted them to Igan, who shortly regained consciousness along with Sklooh and a very confused Eggsy.

All of them prepared for the inevitable collision with the woman as the strongman was sent to the entrance of the prison with orders to kill her on sight. They waited.