Session #2: House Party

After the altercation at the Speakeasy and being intercepted by Danglar, the group proceeded in the dark to a residential area further inside Sedgwick. After following Danglar's instructions, they found themselves facing a large, at least partially unkempt manor--the largest home in the area. Upon cursory inspection and due-diligence, the party (minus Eggsy, who stayed outside for some private rites with his stone-deity) went inside for a look.

Sklooh raided the kitchen for some meat-stuffs, while Lena started a fire in the hearth and burned her dress as a precaution against scrying. The home was well-furnished, housed a collection of books, and Sklooh discovered several rooms upstairs, including an occupied master bedroom and an "indoor pond" that Igan went upstairs to investigate. Lena set up a makeshift alarm-system with her animal companion Raphael the Owl and her as-of-yet unnamed invisible man-servant, which was triggered only moments later by the startled Danglar.

The merchant received a shock from the unnoticed Kenku hiding in the bushes, as well as the Unseen Servant's smashing of a nearby oil lantern, but was surprised most of all by the glomping of a fully-grown man-cleric. Once things had been sorted out, he joined the party inside with the intention of discussing business. Exiting the now desecrated master bathroom, Sklooh warmed himself (and his large pork-leg) at the fireplace and waited patiently for Eggsy to join the rest of the group for discussion.

Apparently, Danglar was contracted by the owner of this manor--a gangling, if suave, Mr. Shane--to move supplies for profit. Looking to replace his previous escorts, which the adventurers had bested earlier that night, Danglar offered a sum of 40 gold pieces each for safe delivery west, over the steppes to the town of Argatha. There was some deliberation, but a deal was struck. The weary travelers went to bed.

The following morning, Eggsy awoke to a strange man eating an offensive breakfast in the dining room. The Kenku promptly left to continue his rituals. Sklooh was the next to meet the man's acquaintance, but prioritized some wholesome pig to conversation (and another trip to the so-called "pond"). Igan and Lena both awoke and extended proper greetings to the Master of the establishment, Shane. After a bit of conversation, some borrowed books, and some lingual exploits, Shane made his exit and allowed the party to prepare for their adventure.

There were a few morning preparations, but the small team ultimately found themselves on a hilly road traveling west through the grasslands. Unfortunately, they were pursued. The brigands from the night before (short one Mr. Kell) were on a mission to apprehend the outlaws and their previous employer. They, however, met a very swift demise at the superior hands of the adventurers. Lena obtained great personal satisfaction enacting a gruesome death on Enys as she pleaded silently for mercy.

After disposing of and looting the corpses (Sklooh uses a variety of methods for disposal), Danglar and escorts set up camp for the night.

(Sklooh presents Lena with a set of Drihli Nibel  dice he made from the bones of Enys)