As they walked forward through the forest, they encountered all variety of large beasts--Lena, who was experiencing flight with her new wings, saw an immeasurably large snake in the canopy of the trees and thought it best to continue on the ground with the rest of the group. After a full days travel at a brisk pace, the Pillarmen set up camp for the night. The usual alarms were posted, the tents constructed in formation around the cart, and Kasj took first watch.

It wasn't long, though, before Lena's mental alarms resounded. She awoke and examined the situation, and found Kasj hiding a short way off. Apparently she had been startled by an approaching herd of centaurs. Lena took to the air and kept her distance from above, and the others all came to consciousness as well after a warning shot was fired towards the tiefling and she descended to speak. Lena engaged them in conversation with Eggsy in the language of Sylvan, while Sklooh circled around for an advantageous position from which to attack if the situation called for it. In typical Igan fashion, he spent the next ten minutes dawning his armor.

The centaurs were nomads of the forest--one among various herds--who traveled by night, following various stars, planets, and constellations. Very cryptic people, the were not keen on answering many questions. The spoke mostly of the stars, but the party did gleam from them how difficulty their quest for a unicorn was going to be. The centaurs, kindly but impatiently told the group that if they sought answers to their questions, there was an abandoned human settlement nearby that other humans have used to find particular answers. Perhaps not about the forest, but answers to human affairs. Eggsy petitioned a map from them, which came in the form of a star-chart, and the horsemen cantered off into the darkness.

The rest of the night proved relatively uneventful apart from a giant bullfrog that Lena chased away from camp. After a day of leisure, they set off the following night towards the direction indicated by the highly intricate and specific map provided by the centaurs. They followed the path for almost a week before coming across an old house, covered with overgrown foliage and cloudy windows.

Sklooh, Igan, and Eggsy do a cursory examination of the outside of the house, and they can hear something moving inside. They all figure that they might as well see what it is and scavenge for supplies. Kasj hid behind Sklooh when the door was opened to reveal a man shackled to a chair in the living area. The man appeared perfectly normal apart from his tendency to snarl and bite at the party from his restrained position on the chair. Surely this man is rabid or worse, they thought. They dispatched him without question, and searched the house. Suddenly, Igan found himself engaged with another one of the forest's nefarious shape-shifting mimics that had taken the form of a couch in this house.

An immediate combat ensued, and the mimic was destroyed.


SESSION 17: Mars is Bright Tonight

After the mess with the harpies, while everyone was resting, Bharah the Dragonborn decided that it was best for him to travel his own way, apart from the Pillarmen. He would deal with whatever consequences were in store for him from is father, but he wanted to assert his independence.

After a brief farewell, Eggsy approached the bound harpy. He looked menacingly at the creature and told it that he was going to remove the gag; if the harpy began to sing, however, Eggsy would assuredly kill her. The gag was taken away and immediately the mischievious creature began belting it's melodic tune. Eggsy tried to respond swiftly, but not before the rest of the party were on top of him, bewitched by the song, and trying to protect the harpy's beautiful music. Eggsy pleaded with Kasj to assist him--her being the only other person unaffected--and she struggled to carry Sklooh's ax over to the harpy and end it. Before she could bring the weapon down, she was ejected from the cart by the harpy's strong legs. It was up to Eggsy as he struggled to fight off his own comrades. It wasn't long, though, before Igan came around and helped Eggsy slay the fiend, and everyone returned to normal.

They all continued up the path, noticing that the forest had grown far into the mountain pass. Trekking across this unfamiliar terrain, the party came to find the decomposing corpse of the giant they had felled on the journey to Telor. They couldn't help but call to mind how different things had been then. Snapping out of their nostalgia, they all noticed what was assisting the decomposition of the giant--various kinds of common, though poisonous, forest fungi. Careful not to come into contact with the mushrooms or breath in the spores, they deserted the area as quickly as possible (though Lena did harvest a small amount of fungal toxins).