SESSION 16B: Aye, Papi!!

The party woke up and traveled down from Igan's house to Akasha's for information. When they arrived, she was surprised to learn that they had struck a deal with Artell. They asked her about unicorns and told her that they promised to capture one from the forest. Akasha reviewed some of her notes on unicorns and revealed that they are legendary and elusive creatures. They seem to be able to vanish at will and reveal themselves strictly to the pure of heart. They are intelligent and powerful creatures. Akasha was frightened that the Pillarmen had bitten off more than they could chew.

Nevertheless, they made for Artell's masion so that they could begin. Along the way they met with his dragonborn servant, which guided them the rest of the way and brought them to the sitting room. When they entered, they were greeted by Artell along with the presence of two black dragonborn individuals. The half-elf asked the Pillarmen where Jacopo and Gruff were, and when he learned they weren't joining the company, he burnt up their documentation. He went on to explain that in preparing paperwork for Kasj he discovered that she was in the familial custody of the grown black dragonborn who was with them.

The dragonborn man told the group that his son--the other dragonborn with him--was a disappointment, and that he insisted that Bharash accompany Kasj on the journey to prove himself as more than a useless child. Artell demanded that each party member surrender a piece of themselves with which he could scry on their progress. Egg-spiker gave up a feather, Sklooh, a scale, Igan and Lena, some hair. The father of the dragonborn attempted to subdue the son for a piece of flesh, but was unable when met with resistance. Artell intervened by magical means and a chunk of flesh was cut from Bharash and given over. Egg-spiker went to the injured dragonborn and healed his wounds. The father left, Artell gave over the paperwork and supplies, and they were all guided down to the exit of the city.

Dan Malloy met them to take them out of what they now think of as an accursed city. He was shocked to see Lena alive in her new body, but quickly adjusted to it. He led them out through the maze and sent them on their way, giving a final warning to be careful with the ever-expanding forest. The party set off.

As they traveled, they noticed that vegetation was creeping in through the mountain pass and that many of the local wild-life began to evacuate the area. It wasn't long before our heroes found themselves fighting a flock of ecstatic harpies that attempted to ambush them. With claws and teeth bared and a charming harpy's song, combat was tedious but successful as the group beat the creatures into retreat and then poached them as they flew. A single harpy was bound and kept alive, stowed in the pull cart, and the Pillarmen set off northward once more.