Session 15: All That Glitters

Sklooh sat with Kasj in the Cave-In, drinking her money away, when Tarquin Blackwood approached from behind. He had apparently reached out after his dinner guests failed to arrive, and he learned of what had happened in the mines. His sources told him that the large Lizardfolk was drinking at the bar, so he came over to find out exactly what the trouble was. Sklooh explained briefly and Tarquin was shocked to find out about Lena. Blackwood told Sklooh that if the party was assembled, he might just have a solution as a thank you for the valuable coin that was delivered to him earlier. He departed.

Sklooh and Kasj left to find Eggsy and Igan so that they could meet up with Tarquin. Egg-spiker had been pestering Igan with the shenaniganry of trying to break into his house and staring at him through the window. Fed up with his bird-brained friend, Igan decided to clear his head with a walk to the mines. Eggsy followed, undetected. After approaching the mines and finding that the tunnel had been cleared and evacuated, Igan decided to turn back to scale the main road towards the top of the mountain. That is when Eggsy spotted Sklooh and called out to him, and Igan became aware of Egg-spiker's presence. They all met up together and Sklooh explained what Tarquin had told him. They trekked towards his house.

Upon arrival, they all took note of his inadequate living conditions for a man of his supposed stature. He welcomed them, but bid them follow to another friend's house. Tarquin decided to call in an old favor with a powerful friend who might have been able to bring Lena back to life. The hurried up the path and the financial supervisor attempted to make small talk with them before being silenced by a few unfortunate faux pas. Before too long, they arrived at a very large and ornate metal door to a manor in the mountain. Tarquin knocked on the gold-inlayed door and it opened.

They were all greeted by a gold Dragonborn who beckoned them inside to the sitting room at a large table where he told them that "the Master" would be with them shortly. They waited a while and a tall and fair Half-Elf strode into the room. In an abrupt manner, he asked where the body was. When he found that the body was not present, he left with the order to summon him once it had been brought. Sklooh left for Akasha's house to retrieve Lena's corpse. Once brought, the Master of the house came back into the sitting room and introduced himself as Artell [I think that's the name I gave you].

Artell told everyone that he was capable of resurrecting Lena, but that he would require a favor in return. He explained that he had been tasked with certain security concerns in Telor and that he needed some assistance in securing a particular rare beast: a Unicorn. If the Pillarmen agreed to capture a unicorn for Artell, he would use his archaic magics to bring Lena back and secure the documentation for all them to leave Telor, provided that they give him items with which he can scry on their progress. The party agreed, and he told them that it would take one hour to perform the proper rites.

Sklooh decided that he should bring Akasha to see Lena after the ritual, so he made to depart. As he was walking out, Artell stopped him momentarily. With a pause, he told Sklooh that his magic would cause a change in Lena. It would still be her, but she would be... different. He asked Sklooh to consult with the rest of the party, but they still decided to go through with it. Artell departed down the hall. Sklooh went to Akasha's place, informed her about all that had occurred, and led her back to Artell's manor. She expressed intense trepidation--she did not trust Artell or his magic.

Lena awoke. She looked around as she lay on her back and discovered herself in a strange forest glade with all manner of beautiful greenery before her. A strange man introduced himself as Artell and welcomed her back to life. She stood up and realized her form had changed. Her hands were red, her teeth were sharp, she had horns and wings. Lena had been reincarnated as a Tiefling. She was led tenderly up the passage toward the others. Upon seeing her, everyone who had known her was filled with bewilderment and dread, especially Akasha, who had not known Lena well enough to truly assess her personality and memories. Igan, however, was convinced.

Following the shock of being reborn, Lena thought it important to go address the Argathans who had also just experienced trauma. Lena and Sklooh set off and tested her new wings for the first time with general success. Her and Sklooh's visit with them was less than fruitful, though--they were mourning and wickedly spiteful. Lena's appearance led many of the superstitious women to believe that the Pillarmen were evil and had made magical pacts with demons. They demanded to be left alone.

Igan went to visit them as well, and lost his temper in the dialog. It seems that with events having transpired in such a way has set nothing but enmity between the party and the Argathans.