Session 11: If You Wanna To Make an Omelete

The magician, Dan Malloy, asks for the leader of the Argathans to identify himself. Naturally, Igan steps forward. He is then asked to introduce himself as well as his companions. Dan took a few moments to familiarize himself with the refugees before asking Igan to decide whether the interrogations would be done the following morning (forcing the arrivals to sleep in less-than-comfortable conditions) or whether this matter would be promptly taken care of (allowing housing to be made available). Igan elected for the latter and the interrogations began, starting with Igan himself.

Igan was beckoned into a dimly lit room illuminated only by a single floating arcane light. Towards the back of the room was a mysterious shadow-clad spectator. The interview began with Zone of Truth spell which Igan willfully submitted to. He was asked various questions about himself, his companions, and his allegiances to both the Varda and this city. When the questions were finished, he was taken to another room where he was instructed to demonstrate his magical capabilities. Conceding, he delved into the mind of his interrogator and gleamed information from his thoughts: while Telor didn't mean them harm, it was likely that the Argathans would be subjected to prolonged indentured servitude in this society. Igan objected, but nothing could be done. He left to wait for the completion of the ceremonies.

Egg-spiker underwent a similar interview, only he appealed for an Auran translator. A tall, eagle-like biped with wings called an Aarakocra was summoned to act as an intermediary. After the question portion, Eggsy was likewise asked to demonstrate his spell-casting. He requested a target be brought, and under a false assumption based upon his name-sake, a single chicken egg was brought forth and placed upon a stool. Offended, Eggsy refused to destroy the egg and, instead, destroyed the stool.

Lena was called next, and after a long period of time she was dismissed from the private rooms. To Igan and Eggsy's surprise, she opted to be led into the city proper to meet with a person who had apparently known her father. Sklooh followed her trail after completion of his interrogation which progressed similarly apart from the magic-demonstration, where--unable to cast--he was given a handful of coin that vanished without a trace. Once Sklooh had arrived at the large estate where Lena was occupied, he chose to bed outside the front door.

Eggsy, however, was led by the Aarakocra to upper district housing where he was given lodging in a comfortable (though unfurnished) apartment near the chapel where other Kenkus were said to live and worship. Igan waited for the rest of the Argathans where he gleamed that the interview process that they underwent had been mysteriously eradicated from their memories. With the conclusion of the interrogations, all were instructed to meet in the morning for an orientation of the society. All were led to their respective new homes, with many of the Argathans being taken down to the bottom of the mountain. Igan, on the other hand, was taken to a middle-district where he found accommodations similar to Egg-spiker's.

The following morning, Eggsy awoke to the scent of incense wafting into his apartment from the adjacent chapel. Preparing himself for a ritual ceremony to Bismuth, he went next door only to find that the chapel was populated by Kenku who were wielding a censer and praising Aarakocra on the alter. In a rage, Egg-spiker departed after declaring his absolute devotion to Bismuth and accusing his brethren of blatant apostasy. He went to the designated meeting area and met with Igan.

Sklooh awoke to Lena's nudges. She hadn't known he was sleeping outside, but now that he was awake, she invited him in to meet Akasha, an old mage who had apparently been in contact with her father. After a brief introduction, both Sklooh and Lena left to meet up with Igan, Eggsy, and the Argathans to find out about more concerning the city.


Dan and a few other Telorians were waiting. At the meeting, it was explained that Telor was governed under a system of Meritocratic Magocracy--that is, a society run by mages and in which roles are determined by the ruling class based on each individual's abilities. It was explained that standard monetary transactions of gold and silver were not permitted in Telor. Instead, all citizens exchanged only in Telors--magical coin that must be sustained by the owner's own magic abilities or otherwise vanish. Each person was gifted with a small, arcane bag of holding capable of carrying only Telors. Dan explained that there was a one-time stipend for all new members to the city of as much as each person was able or willing to sustain.

Concerned that the non-magic Argathans (and Sklooh) would be confined to manual labor in the mines in order to pay for their living accommodations, Lena, Eggsy, and Igan decided to pool their abilities to buy two free months without servitude. Frustrated with the situation, Sklooh privately threatened to kill all of the Telorians, but Lena convinced him to submit because "this is the first place I've ever been where I actually feel I belong." Sklooh left for the mountain peak and Lena went off on her own.

Upon arriving at the peak, Sklooh was met by several city patrolmen and many siege-defenses. Unimpressed, he descended the rock face on the outside of the mountain, circumventing several hippogriff caves, to reach a small hut. After waking the hippogriff trainer with poorly-worded inquiries, Sklooh ascended the mountain once more and took a nap in a vacant hippogriff cave. Meanwhile, Eggsy and Igan were making their way down the winding path carved into the outside of the mountain in order to meet with a griffon tamer. After being directed by the hippogriff trainer, they arrived at a hut out of which a surly man covered in scars and missing one eye greeted them. Some words were exchanged, and the griffon trainer tried to dissuade the Pillarmen's involvement by daring them to retrieve a griffon egg from a nearby nest. Only then would they be permitted to work with him.

Igan left for climbing equipment, eager to take on the challenge, and Eggsy went to ask an Aarakocra for assistance. After one had been summoned, a short dialog was exchanged and the eagle-man informed Eggsy that he would not assist them, so, having his sensibilities insulted a number of times, Eggsy finally snapped and assaulted the being. It was short-lived, for the Aarakocra adeptly planted Eggsy on his back and flew away. Sulking, Egg-spiker went to catch up with Igan after purchasing some sleep-aids from the alchemist.

Meanwhile, Sklooh was jolted awake by the sudden attack of a territorial hippogriff that wrenched him from the cave into a flying contest of wills. Escaping death narrowly, Sklooh abandoned the beast in time to land hard on the mountain side in front of Eggsy and Igan... just in time to assist with the griffon egg retrieval. The griffon tamer was summoned to watch as Igan began his descent to the precariously perched griffon nest. The climb proved nearly impossible, and Igan survived the first half only due to the use of the pitons he had just purchased. Regardless, he was being eyed by three predatory griffons who led an assault on the cleric when he approached the nest. On the brink of consciousness, Igan managed to bewitch one of the griffons in a self-mortifying act, distract the other two by sacrificing their young, and barely recover two eggs in various feats of griffon tom-foolery and shenanigans that defy explanation. Igan passed out once he was brought safely back to the cliff-side, and was stabilized and healed by his friends. Impressed by the courage (and stupidity) of the Pillarmen, the griffon tamer agreed to teach them what he knew and join him in his attempts at griffon-taming.