The Sessions (click session #)

Session #1: Putting One's Foot Down

Session #2: House Party

Session #3: The Fire Rises

Session #4: Getting Our Bearings

Session #5: A Shot in the Dark (Session #5.5 linked)

Session #6: A Lesson in Etiquette

Session #7: To Close for Comfort

Session #8: When Plans Go Awry

Session #9: Stiff-necked People

Session #10: The Harder They Fall

Session #11: If You Wanna Make an Omelette

Session #12: Acclimation?

Session #13: Summarized for Expedience

Session #14:  Not Quite Invincible

Session #15: All that Glitters

Session #16A: Woe is me (A Rabbi, a Gnome, and a Goliath walk into a bar?)

Session #16B: Ay Papi!   

Session #17: Mars is Bright Tonight

Session #18: Cracking Open a Couple of Cold Ones 

Session #19: The Librarian

Session #20: Quarantine

Session #21: Don't Split the Party (or Eggsy)

Session #22: Loose Ends

Session #23: The Webs We Weave

Session #24: A Murder of Crows

Session #25: Ruffled Feathers

Session #26: Don't Feed the Trolls

Session #27: Beware the Smooze

Session #28: Guts & Goblins

Session #29: Where's the Party?

Session #30: A Reunion on Multiple Fronts

Session #31: They'll eat you, then kill you

Session #32: Concerning Orcs

Session #33: The Home We Never Had

Session #34: Plan? What Plan?

Session #35: Jailbait

Session #36: Jailbreak

Session #37: Like Rats from a Sinking Ship

Session #38: All according to plan ...

Session #39: Into the Hornet's Nest Once Again

Session #40: An Unexpected Reunion

Session #41: Sklooh Develops a New Fetish

Session #42: The Adventures of Gummy

Session #43: The Council Convenes

Session #44: A Lesson in Fey Creatures

Session #46: All's Well that Doesn't End ... Yet

Session #47: Enemies of Enemies

Session #48: Another Fond Farewell

Session #49 & 50: A Promise Kept

Session #51: Coming soon

The Beginning

Thrown together by circumstance – an immense conflict and conflagration between magic and those that are bent on its elimination from the world – the four leads are on a quest to (1) reunite, if possible, Lena with her father, (2) stop the destruction of their homelands as the cataclysmic effects spread, and (3) survive by whatever means necessary.

Lena changes a bit as the story goes along. It's not puberty, its reincarnation.

The Supporting Characters

Kell – A drunkard and mercenary guard for a travelling merchant (framed for using magic; deceased).
Enys – A mercenary guard for a travelling merchant (deceased).
Finus – A mercenary guard for a travelling merchant (deceased).
Henchman #1 – An un-named mercenary guard for a traveling merchant (deceased).
Grypp – A barkeep in Sedgwick.
Louis – A merchant replaced later by Danglar, previously employed by Mr. Shane.
Danglar – A travelling merchant. He is the only merchant who goes out to Argatha as most stay in Varda city.
Mr. Shane – Shane Qualls, a benefactor of Danglar. He is incredibly wealthy and on occasion ventures out with Danglar.
Gruff – Chief of Argatha’s small militia.
Sharron – Barkeep at the Lazy Horse in Argatha, deeply infatuated with Igan. Some of the party were a bit tipsy or not paying attention when they met the barkeep and keep calling her Sharrol ... or Shannon.
Grit Joy – Stablemaster in Argatha.
Jacopo – A member of the local militia in Argatha. He began accompanying the party in Session #3.
Kahymen – A member of the local militia in Argatha (deceased).
Marina – Hysterical woman who has lost her husband and daughter to goblin kidnap. Marina has green eyes and her hair is white and red
Herald – Marina’s husband.
Tanya (living) – Child of Marina and Herald, who known or unknown to herself is magical and who is likely not an actual daughter of the two. She bears a resemblance to Lena, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Turns out she is really old, extra-dimensional, and a herald of Pleroma.
Tanya (dead) – Child of Marina and Herald, dead and buried from pneumonia.
Loretta – Jacopo's wife (gossip suggests that she despises her husband).
Robert – A farmer and milker of female cows, who allegedly flirted with Igan?
Busoni – A town guard in Argatha.
Caderousse – A town guard in Argatha. Lena finds him appealing and asked him to join the team for the trip to the creeping woods (Session #5) but Igan overruled, leaving him to guard the town gates.
Thom the First – A member of the local militia in Argatha. Found dead in the creeping forest and was autopsied by Igan. Turned out to be an illusion.
Thom the Second – A member of the local militia in Argatha. Found dead in the creeping forest and was brought back to town by Lena as a politeness to his family.
Peg-leg Drunk – Exactly as described. An annoyance at the Lazy Horse who has elicited a particularly powerful and violent, but hidden, urge from Lena. Posthumously found to be Sharron's abusive drunk husband (hot button for Igan!)(deceased).
Tarquin Blackwood – A friend of Mr. Shane. The party has been tasked by Mr. Shane to deliver him a coin. Treasurer of Telor.
Enkil – A member of the local militia in Argatha.
Loretta – Jacapo’s wife.
Zacchaeus – Leader of the four members of the Disarcanite Inquisition sent to Argatha by the Vardan Military in advance of occupation (deceased). L

Serny Banders - Lead attacker of a group of Harpies that attempted to, and nearly succeeded, in taking Sklooh to his demise.

Merrick Brassdragon - A dragonborne guard for the settlement of Telor.

Dan Malloy - The leader of Telor.

Akasha - A wealthy inhabitant of Telor. Knows Lena's father Silas Angell.

Carpa - An alchemist in Telor.

Obahn - The sole griffon keeper in Telor.

Hill Giant #1 - Danger to the refugees (deceased)

Kasj - Kobold who bought Sklooh some Sklooh and gave him a tour of the mining tunnels. (Killed by Vardans on a prison ship, then, as is newly customary with the party, her corpse was incinerated by someone close to her)
Vlad - Duegar barkeep at the Cave Inn (Telor upper levels)

Ising - Aarakocra Metorin priest.

Maccarray - Kobolds work for him.

Harry the Mage - Part of the rescue crew following the mine explosion.

Artel the Sorcerer - Half Elf Sorcerer who struck a deal with the party to reincarnate Lena. Later imprisons Lena when she returned to Telor for aid.

Barash Dalama – Son of a Telorian wizard. Mandated to join the group as a means of monitoring the activities of Kasj the Kobold (illegally owned by Barash's father). Has a notably bad relationship with his abusive father. Once outside of Telor, he runs away to experience freedom for the first time. (Session #18)

Segerstrom - A seriously infectious (determined to be the Elf plague) librarian mage who recklessly uses magic he has copied from individuals imprisoned in books. He intends to re-animate his dead 'beloved' (Tatiana). Rendered dead after it appeared he intended to experiment on Lena in some manner.

Devil with unknown name - Imprisoned by Segerstrom in a ring of magic runes in the deserted village. Is on a task to retrieve all information on Silas Angell fo Lena. Is actively trying to buy Lena's soul.

Kosef - Big armored Vardan that attempted to take members of the party prisoner for a bounty.

Shandri - Vardan archer who partners with Kosef.

Tumbles - A sentient weed/plant that took great vengeance upon the party for invading his domain.

Food-thief - A Kenku food gatherer that believed that his communities prefect was not true to Bismuth. Food-thief absconded with the prefect's amulet of Bismuth and pleaded with the party to help him right the heresy. Upon Eggsy and the party's solution, Food-thief was renamed Pauper and became part of the church hierachy as an advisor representing the flock.

God-speaker (Old) - A Kenku prefect that was found to be significantly at odds with Eggsy's beliefs and guidance from Bismuth. Eggsy made a difficult decision and used his skills acquired in his service to Bismuth to end the reign on a false prophet who abused his flock. Later discovered he exiled/killed all of the egg-spikers on his taking of leadership. Of course this was after the fact of his death by Eggsy.

Singer - A Kenku acolyte that held the least prejudice and whom the lower class Kenku felt the most kinship with. Eggsy appointed him the new prefect of the church and his new name became God-speaker.

Advisor - The highest skill magic user among the Kenku acolytes. He was elevated to primary advisor to God-speaker.

Wine-press - A candidate for the new Kenku guard. Kasj punches harder.

Censer - Eggsy's new acolyte.

Roy - A Vardan soldier manning a logging camp near Cardell. Was required to place a mac & cheesy scrotum bag on prisoner Kosef's head.

Lord Amittai - A Vardan officer in charge of the logging camp near Cardell.

Leader - A chieftain of a female orc tribe. Rescued from male orc slavery by the party, she and her tribe provides support, education, and intimate familiarity with typical orc exhuberance and panache.

Half Breed - The half-orc offspring of Igan and Leader. She remains with her mother because she is a half-breed, they aren't accepted and Igan felt ashamed, so he just left them, tell me who's to blame, his life since then has been barfing on the ocean main, but he can't run away from what he had, she was a half-breed, that's all Igan heard, half-breed, how he learned to hate the word, half-breed, she's no good they warned, she'll come kill you on the day she was born.

Adrian - The warden of the Vardan Prison Island where magic users were incarcerated. He, for unknown reasons, became a covert ally to the party in an escape. He is sympathetic to the party's quest against Varda as his own brother, a close adviser to Conrad Varda, is mysteriously absent and feared dead by Vardan action.

Elohar - An ancient (400 year old) Moon Elf and druid reluctantly becomes an ally of the party as they escape a Vardan prison ship and on their way to rescue Lena.

Gnib - A gnome henchmen of Artel.

Joe Biden - Blacksmith in Sedgwick with political aspirations and who has a dwarf planet named after him.

Gummy - A lizard Igan attempted to domesticate ... unsuccessfully.

Sia - A wood elf host of the party in the Fey wild home of the elves.

Chain Devil - An ally or an enemy?

Nalfeshnee Demon -

Bismuth - A rock god fragment

Metorin - A rock god fragment

Azurite - A rock god fragment

Character Groups

Argathan Milita – Gruff, Jacapo, Kahyman (deceased in mine), Busoni, Caderousse, Thom (deceased in creeping forest), Enkil, James

Disarcanites – An advance party from Varda (Session #7). They appear to be sent as envoys to prepare, one way or the other, free regions to accept occupation and rule by Varda. They wear religious cassocks, seem to be very battle ready and battle tested, and they have strange tattoos on their bodies. Zacchaeus was the leader of three other Disarcanites (all deceased). Other Disarcanites were encountered at the Vardan Island Prison.
Orcs – Although not yet encountered, the party has learned that Orcs are a sea fairing group and their ships are known by red sails.

Argathan Refugees – Enkil & Rosaline with Elched, Naron, Sara; Taal & Zoe with Rorich, Olina, Valea; Tukor & Faulla with Timel, Mamor; Allister & Lilly with Gretta; Gruff & Gretchen; Jacapo & Loretta; Kahyman (deceased) & Jessifa; Herald & Marina; Agran; Behal; Falim; Osarkin; Tayor; Busoni; Sharron; Conrey; Tavash; Rayor (all now residing in comfortable endenture in Telor).

Red Robes of Telor - Devotees of Moira (or Arreat?).

White Robes of Telor - Mysterious magical group of great power and influence (Devotees of Ynead?).

Roving Band of Centaurs - Interesting group of nomads that gave the group a star map ... and a piece of the rock god.

Kenku Villagers - Another village where the actions of the party have rather profound repercussions to their population and mode governance.

Lizardfolk Loggers - A small part of the multi-racial logging operation near Cardell. Attempted to recruit Sklooh to work with them as a lumberjack. They even had a theme song: Skloohs a lumberjack and he's OK, he works all night and he sleeps all day, he cut down trees. he eats his lunch, he goes to the lavatory. On Wednesdays he goes shopping and has buttered scones for tea.

The Hobgoblin-Bugbear-Goblin Horde - A congregation of many dozens of creatures who follow a Hobgoblin Warlord bent on killing all who live in Cardell.

Orc Pirates - Bad news for anyone who encounters them. The party did a couple times and survived. Orc pirates are male only and live at sea.

Orc Amazons - Female Orcs form loose knit coastal settlements. They are violent but seemingly honorable. The party spent a year with them one afternoon.

Vardan Military - Periodically encountered in various locations but primarily in their misadventures related to the Vardan Island Prison. The party encountered many Optios ranked soldiers and a few Tribunes.

Elves - A diverse set of them as described in Session #44. The Drow, Merfolk, and Sun Elves have pieces of the rock god.

Hag Coven -

Bulezau Demons -

The Settings

The Vardan Forest
Sedgwick town
Argatha town
Lazy Horse Pub
Mountain View Pub
Fog Shrouded House

Mountain Settlement of Telor

Cave Inn (Pub)

Mines of Telor

Deserted (but zombie and mimic infested) village that was once a Vardan outpost

Kenku village

The Road to Cardel

Hobgoblin Horde Base Cave

Cardel - A port city where the group hopes to find passage to an island outpost and prison of Varda

1 and 1 Ships - A merchant vessel and a Orc raider used to escape from Cardel.

Fantasy Island - The party and 27 Orc women spend 8 and a half months doing stuff to survive.

Vardan Prison Island - An unexpectedly, to all but Lena, heavily guarded maximum security prison for magic users.

Vardan Prison Steamship - On the prison ship lollipop, its a short trip to the mountain top, where the warden plays, making books out of people every day.

Riveria - Elf village in the Fey wild

Lena's Language Notes

Huck-Tu - Orcish response to a greeting
Raviah - Orcish for thank you

Lena now speaks decent Orcish.


Orin joins the party at the behest of Lead Imperial Adrian. A mysterious problem accompanies him, along with a war pig named Petunia.

Irthir joins the party unaware that a simple journey will likely be tortuous and torturous.

The Players

Lena – Daughter of Silas Angell the Master Wizard of Varda who was displaced from rule in a great conflagration between him and forces wishing to abolish magic and magic users. She, like her father, is a gifted wizard. She contracted death but was cured through reincarnation (see session #15). (Transracial - Human to Tiefling)(Raphael – Owl familiar)
Igan Riker – A military cleric turned hermit after parting ways with the magic abolishment forces. Has displays irrational behavior in regards to mimics and has a predilection for very tall women. De facto father figure of Lena, in absentia father of an infant half-orc. (Human)
Egg Spiker – Also known as Eggsy, a cleric and paladin  from a  village of Varda, driven from his home by a cataclysm that is steadily consuming the forests. Associate, indirectly, of House Angell (Kenku). Died at the hand of a Hobgoblin Warlord. Placed in gentle repose for possible revival by Lena, then incinerated to ash by Lena.
Sklooh – A simple barbarian who left his familial area to establish his own hunting domain. Associate of Igan Riker, single minded, simple minded, and zealous protector of Lena. (Lizardfolk)

Irthir - A Lizardfolk warlock hiding in plain sight in Cardel. He rescues Sklooh from a watery demise and restores him to health. Then he reunites the party during the battle of Cardel harbor. Believes stars are disappearing. Apparently likes to swim. (Booplybear - cat familiar. Boopled by Vardan archers. Maxwell Silverhammar - new cat familiar).

Orin Linebreaker - A soldier and fighter joins the group at the behest of Imperial Adrian. Orin rides a large pig-steed Penelope. He is on a quest to solve a mysterious problem that the party's activities may assist with. (Dwarf)