Three Warforged, Victor-1, Victor-2, and K-NOM assembled in a shabby shack to discuss how to evade arrest and execution. Two of the three had been designed and tasked for civilian capture and interrogation during the great war and since the end of hostilities had become the target of public ire and legal hunting for extermination.

The three went to a pub catering to warforged and talked to the bartender, a leader of an underground railway for warforged in trouble. Victor-1 bartered his shack for an evacuation plan from the city in which they found themselves. Someone would come for them at the shack later in the evening.

A golden android like warforged model called at their door as planned and provided them an arcane car and a basic route out of town. The car, supplies, and a basic idea of a route was all that was provided. After considering several routes, the group opted to hide in plain sight and they drove out of town along a heavily trafficked road and gate. They exited undetected.

Once outside and uncertain of the best route to take, Victor-1 piloted the car up and down along the roads bordering the town walls. Victor-1 drove and pretended to read a map in multiple orientations to deceive, and apparently amuse, the wall guards to avoid arousing their interest. Following Victor-1's suggestion that they make their way to a distance town in Mournland that hosts an assemblage of Warforged who seek conquest or destruction of the races that created them, the group agreed on the destination and set out.

Ultimately the group decided to take a road through the adjacent forest as the first leg of their journey to a warforged friendly city to the north. Travel along the road through the forest was initially uneventful … until the encountered a band of gnolls that were intent on relieving the group of their possessions. Victor-1 however convinced the gnoll leader that they had no gold or food. Just before the gnolls retreated without event, Victor-2 pulled out and gave the gnolls two days of rations, which confused many but earned the group guides and protectors for two days.

After the two days and smooth travel, the gnolls departed with a few words of advice given. The party pressed on through the forest. Although they were trying to sneak up on the party, three rogue gnolls attempted to hijack the group. It was an unfortunate effort for them. The combination of Victor-1 piloting the car to run over gnolls, Victor-2 hanging out a car window doing drive-by portable ramming, and K-NOM hanging out another window slashing took down the three gnolls easily. The party separated head from gnoll bodies in the process then took the bodies back into the forest to their gnoll guides. The leader identified the three as rebellious members of his group, his mate and two others. He said that he would need to find a new and better mate and simply led the rest of his group back into the woods.

After exiting the woods, the group saw a dwarf town in the foothills of a mountain range and after consideration they passed by the town. They soon came upon the outskirts of another town and a sign board advertising for adventurers to take up a variety of work tasks. The board instructed those interested to enter town and seek out further instruction and contracts. After reviewing the possible jobs, the party elected to go to an abandoned battle ground and harvest undead skulls for 10 gold a piece.

As the group approached the battle field, faint ethereal sounds of battle attracted them onto the field, toward the sounds. When Victor-1 heard faint sounds beginning to come from behind, he piloted the car back towards the town until the sounds were only in one direction. They parked and surveyed the now noisy field. Seeing partially buried evidence of battle near the surface, K-NOM began to dig to expose a few skeletons and a warforged without a functioning power unit.

The group was discussing the easy job when the skeletons and warforged began to rise. At the same time a wooden palisade wall began forming between the undead and the party. Victor-2 used his portable ram to bash a hole in the wall, just wide enough for one undead to pass at a time. The slow moving undead bottlenecked at the hole, and as one by one they passed into the hole, the group rapidly dispatched them and in short order they had acquired five skeleton heads and one warforged head, and a source of income.



The group walked into the mystic fortress.

Three fires popped up within the borders of the fortress. Each had a small group of undead warriors sitting around them.

The party began an assault on the group around the north fire. V-2 assaulting from below the retaining wall holding up the earth on which the fire and undead group sat.

Upon dispatching the undead, V-2 doused the fire and the group moved to the second fire along the west wall.

As V-1 and K-NOM wailed on the undead and doused the second fire, V-2 investigated, entered, and killed a half-undead half-something inside a shack. From the available understanding of the circumstances in the shack V-1 suggested the creature was a lich.

The party reconvened to assault the final ghostly campfire group and again dispatched them as well. When they doused the third fire the fortress faded to oblivion.

The group gathered up everything of value they could find including all the undead heads, and the ‘lich’ head.

Once everything was loaded into the car, they headed back to town to cash in on the bounties and sell the looted items … except the captured weapons and armor that V-1 called dibs on so that he could outfit his future army.

There was substantial discussion with the town officer regarding extra money for the ‘lich’ head and the “undead” gnoll heads but V-1 was charismatic in his sales pitch and a profitable deal was quickly struck.

A jewel set in a skull-motif golden setting found in the shack was discussed. The party had it appraised by a nearby artificer. V-1 then tested the function of the jewel, and summoned a ghostly apparition that could communicate and physically manifest. A follow up discussion with the town officer, brought the town mayor to the negotiations and through an odd discourse they mayor offered to go find more gold to purchase the item. V-1 noticed that the mayor had a ring with the crest of an organization with anti-warforged sentiments and he decided to keep the jewel … and leave town without waiting for the mayor’s return.

In the next town the group searched out, interviewed, and haggled with three artifacers that could install a bag of holding and arcane lock in K-NOM’s chest. An elf, half-orc, and an odd gnome were interviewed. The gnome was selected for the work as it was the best price. K-NOM was left in the gnome’s shop for the procedure while V-1 and V-2 took construction and demolition jobs to get the last few gold required for the installation.

When the installation in K-NOM was complete, he tested the new chest of holding. He asked the gnome if he could put something inside it. The gnome, in its unique mode of communication, said yes. K-NOM turned around to find an object, found a blade, he opened the arcane lock, opened the door, and placed the blade inside. He pulled his hand out, bent over forward, and shook his upper body vigorously to try to shake the blade out. It did not fall out. He put his hand back in and retrieved the blade. When he turned around to thank the gnome for his successful installation, K-NOM only saw a mule. He looked around the shop and adjacent rooms for the gnome but he had apparently left. So K-NOM left to find the Victors and show them the result.

The Victor’s had the same idea, to check on the installation and pay for it, and the three narrowly missed each other. V1- and V-2 entered the gnome’s shop and called for the gnome and K-NOM. No answer. They noted no problems, other than the mule munching on a sandwich. V-2 decided to rifle through the shop and residence parts of the building and several items were pilfered. Once outside of the shop, and on the way to search for K-NOM, one of the items, a backback, was investigated. The result of the item investigation resulted in a geyser shooting up high into the sky, emanating from the pack. By the time the Victor’s had shut it down, lots of people had seen the water spout including K-NOM who followed the chaos to the Victors.

Once all three were together, the pack was more fully investigated and tested producing a small tidal wave pouring from K-NOM’s chest. V-2 then thought about using it as a weapon, a water canon so to speak. Testing that possibility, V-2 held and aimed the opening of the pack down the street … and then took a violent, fast, and uncontrolled water jet ride through town. The combination of the force of the water jet and the weight of V-2 bashed holes in buildings, crushed people (5), and gained the attention of townsfolk and townsguard alike. V-1 and K-NOM ran through the carnage and caught up with V-2 and pulled him into an alleyway to avoid further interactions and association with the events that had transpired.

V-2 decided to try, successfully, to hide in the chest of holding while V-1 and K-NOM made their way back to the gnomes shop. As they traversed along the path of death and destruction they heard from guards and people that a water elemental or water genosi had wrought the damage. The speed of the water propelled V-2 had prevented his ID.

When V-1 and K-NOM returned to the shop, the gnome was just finishing a sandwich. V-1 paid the bill and returned the pilfered items, which the gnome had not discovered missing.

The pair, with V-2 still tucked away and exploring the inside of the chest of holding, arrived at the car with plans to continue moving towards their distant destination. As V-1 drove, K-NOM began loading their spoils into the chest of holding. V-2 was alerted to the incoming items when he narrowly missed being impaled by a short sword. He deftly dodged all of the rest.

Later it occurred to K-NOM that V-2 might not be able to get out of the chest on his own, so he reached in and facilitated V-2’s exit into the real world.

V-2 and K-NOM discussed the gem and its resident apparition. Wondering if anyone could summon it, K-NOM looked at the gem and though about what was inside and ‘poof’ a different dark apparition appeared. This one was different from that summoned by V-1 and was silent but still could manifest its weapons into solid form. It was determined that there were two beings in the jewel, one wants liberation, one wants death, both believe that those paths lead to freedom of their souls. Both are enemies trapped forever and can be called by the bearer of the jewel.